Is Kody Brown Interested In Reconciling With Janelle?

Sister Wives fans want to know if Kody Brown is interested in reconciling with his second wife Janelle. In the preview for the tell-all, it was revealed that the couple of almost thirty years had separated. Yet, they had not divorced. So, is there a chance for them to come back together in the future? The father of eighteen answered this question in the preview for part two of the one-on-one interview.

Is Kody Brown Interested In Reconciling With Janelle?

After almost thirty years together, Janelle and Kody have separated. This is something that was seemingly coming for some time now as they have butted heads a lot. She has consistently put her children first and he feels she has wronged him. Furthermore, he wants a patriarchal system and Janelle is too independent for that. More so, Kody wants his wives to have unwavering loyalty to him. He feels that the best example of that is his fourth wife, Robyn.

Robyn Brown/YouTube

Though his first wife, Meri is quite loyal, he does not consider them to be married and hasn’t for a while. At a lunch date that Kody and Janelle had in a recent episode, Kody noted that Janelle has been acting like a single woman for a long time. Additionally, they have not been acting married for most of their marriage. Though the exact reason for their split has yet to come up in the tell-all, Kody is asked if he would consider reconciling with Janelle.

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Openly, Kody admits that he won’t go to a place where he is not respected. He shares that love does not matter to him, respect does. Janelle openly says that she is not in love with him but that is no secret. In the Season 16 tell-all, Kody claimed that they were just really good friends but that they both did not seem in love. Therefore, unless she is willing to respect him, there is no chance.

Where Does That Leave Them?

Host Sukanya Krishnan plays telephone for the tell-all. She will most likely relay what Kody Brown has said about respect to Janelle. Then she will have her make-or-break response. However, it seems likely that Janelle is done, at least for now, with the marriage and better off for it. She has posted a lot about her fitness goals and how she is ready for 2023. Along with her former sister wife, Christine, the two women are working really hard to promote their wellness business.

Janelle does not seem like one to sacrifice who she is as a person for a man and Kody wants all or nothing. He has made it very uncomfortable for Janelle and her children and she is better off staying away. Will it last? Time will tell. Do you think they can find a happy medium and ultimately reconcile? Let us know your thoughts and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1 on TLC.

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