‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Chokes Up Over Failed Relationships?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown‘s emotions are all over the place during the One on One Special.

In the new TLC  trailer, he is put in a difficult position when host Sukanya Krishnan pushes for answers regarding his relationship status with all of his wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Emotionally Drained

Kody Brown of Sister Wives deals with many significant changes in his life. The TLC reality fans are learning that his plural marriage status has gradually collapsed around him. It has been a lot to deal with for the family.

But now that Season 17 has come to a close, viewers are discovering more going on behind the scenes than fans first thought.

Fans went into Season 17 knowing Kody Brown was having relationship problems with his Sister Wives co-star Christine Brown.

Throughout the season, fans watched as they attempted to deal with their marital issues. Christine had already made her decision to end her spiritual marriage. But, he has a difficult time accepting that the relationship is over.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

His difficulty in accepting Christine was leaving affected him in many ways.

As he was trying to navigate the loss, things quickly fell apart between himself and his other Sister Wives partner, Janelle Brown. During the One-on-One Tell-All, many new details and past secrets are exposed.

It is leaving everyone involved emotionally drained, especially Kody.

Kody Becomes a Three-Time Loser

Sister Wives star Kody is now facing public scrutiny of not having one failed marriage but now three, all within a year. This is a massive hit to the reality star’s ego.

During the interview with Krishnan, he will be forced to answer the tough questions regarding his failed marriages.

Many details surrounding Christine and Kody’s split have been hashed out during Sister Wives‘ Season 17. The couple ended their 25-year spiritual marriage in November 2021.

However, most viewers didn’t expect to see him lose a second wife at the end of Season 17.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

His marital issues with Janelle had been building for some time.

Janelle admits that things between her and her spiritual spouse had been failing for some time.

She was becoming very frustrated that she was not getting the response to her needs that she expected from her husband. During the Tell-All teaser clip, Janelle makes a shocking revelation. She announces they have separated.

The star’s third hit comes from his wife, Meri Brown. Their relationship has been rocky for years.

Kody says he feels no romantic connection with Meri and no longer considers them married.

However, most viewers were not shocked to find out that Meri has also now separated from him as well.

What did surprise them was the timing. Just days after Janelle’s split from Kody was made public, Meri’s soon followed.

Sister Wives: Secrets and Betrayals Are Exposed

TLC fans are asking what more there is to learn about the downfall of Kody Brown’s world.

Now that the news of his three failed marriages has broken, what is next? But, the trailer shows a lot of accusations still being made, blame placed, and Sister Wives secrets and betrayals that are yet to come out during the Tell-All.


His wife, Robyn Brown, will show her side of the story. She says she is hurt that the family is being destroyed. Rumors are beginning to circulate.

Some of the rumors indicate the couple may be nervous about the future of their financial security.

Will TLC pull the plug on the series with the other wives out of the picture?

Or could Kody and Robyn go wife shopping, looking for new wives? Find out their next move and what plans Christine, Janelle, and Meri have for their futures.

Part one of Sister Wives: One-on-One special airs Sunday night on TLC.

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