Chrisley Know Best: Todd Chrisley’s Prison Job Revealed, How Much Could He Make?

Todd Chrisley’s possible list of prison jobs has been revealed along with his income. Unfortunately, they are both nothing compared to the life that he has been living for the past few decades. It will be a huge adjustment for the reality star. Will he be able to handle it is the big question? Todd likes the finer things in life and to be pampered a bit and the job options are definitely not high-class. So, what is he looking at for his prison professions? Read on for more details.

Todd Chrisley’s Prison Job Revealed, How Much Could He Make?

Along with his wife Julie, Todd Chrisley is set to head to prison next month. Obviously, this is not something either one of them is looking forward to. Todd will be serving a twelve-year sentence while Julie will be serving seven years. The one thing that is vital while they are locked up is that they will have to work. However, the work that they will have to do is less than desirable.

Todd and Julie/YouTube

According to Radar Online, Todd Chrisley’s possible prison job has been uncovered. At the low end, the father of five could make twelve cents an hour cleaning toilets. Per the Federal Bureau of Prisons, there are “four different pay grade levels — $0.12, $0.17, $0.29, and $0.40.” If Todd were to start on toilets, he would be at the bottom of the barrel. However, if Todd can get out of toilet scrubbing, his other job could be a dishwasher.

Todd Chrisley/YouTube

As for how long these shifts run, they are around seven hours at the least. He must be there on time and ready to work. More so, Todd Chrisley cannot leave his designated area without asking first. If for some reason, he chooses not to participate, there will be a price to pay. So, he better enjoy his time on the outside before he goes into jobs that he is not accustomed to and probably never imagined he would be doing.

What About Julie?

No word on what Julie’s daily job will be but she and Todd Chrisley will be separated for the time that they are locked up. The couple will be around three hours away from one another so that will add to the stress. Yet, they will have ways to communicate and stay in touch. The Chrisley Knows Best stars can write letters as well as emails. They may even be able to send packages however they will need to get approval first to do so.

What do you think of Todd Chrisley’s prison position? Do you think he will be able to handle cleaning toilets for cents on the hour or will he crack under pressure? Let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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