90 Day Fiance New: Fans Think Libby’s Siblings Are Conspiring Against Andrei, Called Immigration On Him?

Andrei and Elizabeth have a big fan following, and the audience adores the couple. They both made their appearance on 90 Day Fiance and reappeared in the Happily Ever After spin-off. It’s as if the viewers can’t get enough of them. Well, nothing has changed between the Castravet and the Potthast family in the new season. Aside from new adventures, Andrei and Libby are dealing with some difficulties. Both of them have been living together in the United States for five years. Recently, an immigration attorney informed Andrei that there is a chance of him getting deported! Well, fans have speculated who might be sabotaging Libby’s husband. Continue reading to find out what’s going on.

90 Day Fiance: Andrei’s Deportation Has Something To Do With Libby’s Family?

Andrei and Elizabeth married each other almost five years ago and have been living in the United States since then. Well, the former has been waiting for his permanent green card, but it keeps getting postponed. The star explained how his two-year green card expired, so he had been waiting for a permanent one. When Andrei went to see his immigration attorney, she told him there was a problem. She wasn’t sure what was wrong but was concerned about the delay and the fact that the immigration department wanted to meet with the star in person. One possibility she raised was that someone must have contacted the department and spoken negatively about Andrei, so he gets deported.

90 Day Fiance

Andrei and his brother-in-law, Charlie, have had a history of fights trailing them. The latter got very drunk at the star couple’s wedding and said that Andrei was using his sister. In fact, he also accused Andrei of duping his father and wanting to steal his money. Both of them even fought at a family barbecue and have been on bad terms since then. Moreover, Andrei and Charlie’s wives support their husbands and are also at odds. On the show, Charlie attempted to blame all of the family’s problems on Andrei, and Megan agreed. Even though the immigration lawyer only assumed this, Andrei quickly bought into the idea that someone in the Potthast family did this. Since then, the 90 Day Fiance

audience has been alleging that Charlie and Meghan are the ones conspiring against the Moldovian star. They could have something to do with passing misinformation about Andrei’s immigration.


90 Day Fiance: Fans Suspect Heavy Scripting In Andrei & Libby’s Story

Libby and Andrei’s storyline seems to be boring to some of the 90 Day Fiance viewers. Fans even think that some segments and fights from the show are all scripted. Well, Andrei has a problem with Libby’s siblings and even stated that Charlie was trying to deport him back. Every time the star fights with his in-laws, his Instagram shows something else. In the latest episodes of their series, the star talked of leaving America, but Andrei’s social media proved that he was still with his wife. Hence, many viewers have been questioning TLC for the content they are seeing on the show. Some feel they will get clarification about the situation through the upcoming Tell All episodes.

Andrei stated in the finale episode that he doesn’t “believe” any of Libby’s siblings. Moreover, he considers Libby’s family “disgusting” and wanted to cut them off as they have more pressing issues to deal with. So, the star decided that if he returns to his home country, Elizabeth will join him so that these “disgusting” people are away from them. Thus, fans feel that none of this happened because TLC star Andrei is still in America. He even celebrated the holiday season with his family, which allegedly disgusted him. Because of these things, fans believe the show is heavily scripted. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance TV updates.

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