90 Day Fiance New: Yara Zaya Looks UNRECOGNIZABLE In New Photo! Reveals Latest Makeover

Yara Zaya has been a significant part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Her story with her husband, Jovi Dufren, came into the limelight after they starred in the original series. Since then, they have made appearances in multiple spin-offs like 90 Day Diaries and also Happily Ever After. Apart from the troubles in their relationship, Yara has caught the attention of the fans owing to one more thing. Well, it is all because of her willingness to alter her looks and get surgery. Lately, Yara went on to show her new face, and fans could tell she got work done. Keep reading to know all about the star’s new look.

90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya Shows Off New Look! Gets Trolled As Fans Call Her Old

Yara Zaya has been in the limelight for many years. At first, the 90 Day Fiance viewers couldn’t get enough of her storyline with her partner, Jovi Dufren. But things are different from when they started off. Now they are married and share a little daughter, Mylah. The couple is very well-to-do and is often showcasing their fancy and elite lifestyle through their social media. Hence, a lot of fans love getting a glimpse of Yara and Jovi’s luxurious life through Instagram. Zaya has always been upfront about getting work done for herself. Well, she looked like a very different person before her debut as a reality TV star. But, once her career skyrocketed, she couldn’t get enough of undergoing changes, especially the surgical ones. Lately, Yara uploaded a brand new mirror selfie on her Instagram handle.

90 Day Fiance

It turns out that Yara was also flaunting long blonde hair. But the most striking fact about the photo was her face. Many 90 Day Fiance fans claimed that she looked very different. They took to Reddit to discuss more about Yara’s looks. It was evident that her eyes and nose looked drastically different. TV Season & Spoilers is putting up pictures from the time she was on TV next to her latest selfie for a better comparison. A lot of fans began to say that Yara’s new alleged surgery

is making her look older than before. Hence, they didn’t like this recent change. So far, the celebrity has not yet mentioned if she actually underwent a cosmetic process or not. Thus, these are merely speculations on the internet.


90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya & Chantel Everett Guilty Of Photoshopping Their Photos?

While Yara Zaya has been upfront about getting surgeries in the past, she also continues to alter her images digitally. Apparently, the reality TV star connected with another member of her show, Chantel Everett. The latter has been single for a while after her relationship fell apart with ex Pedro Jimeno in the latest The Family Chantel seasons. So, Chantel, Yara, and Jovi were all out together for dinner. Following this, the star put up a picture of her eventful evening on her social media. A noted fan page, 90Day FianceUpdates, reshared it. While many 90 Day Fiance fans were happy to see all of them mingling, some had a bone to pick with them.

The followers started saying that both the ladies, i.e., Yara and Chantel looked “unrecognizable” in the photos. So, they speculated that the star must have put their pictures through lots of heavy filters. So, the criticism began again as fans were angry at them for not showcasing their true selves in the photo. The viewers took notice of how strange their skin tone looked in the image and started to call them fake. However, both celebrities have refused to share their two cents on this matter. For all the latest 90 Day Fiance updates, be sure to keep up with TV Season & Spoilers.

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