Sister Wives New: Christine Says “Dude Get Over It,” Suggests Kody Wants Her Back!

The Sister Wives, patriach, Kody Brown, is no longer a part of Christine’s life. She gave away her house in Arizona, which she used to share with Kody, and moved to Utah. However, she has happily settled in Utah and enjoying her life with her children and grandchildren. She frequently shares photos of her family on social media, expressing gratitude to the world for having them by her side. Also, her recent posts indicate she is finally free and enjoying her life to the fullest. But it seems that after a year of breakup, Kody Brown is missing her and want her back in his life. But why? What happened? And how do we know? Well, let’s find out.

Sister Wives: Christine Finally Declares She Has Moved On, Asks Kody To “Get Over It”

On December 28, Christine uploaded a series of blur photos of herself on Instagram. She is seen laughing and candidly posing for the camera in her pictures. The mother of six added a sarcastic caption to the post. Christine and Kody Brown separated long ago, but it seems Kody wants her back in his life. In the caption, she indicated that she was not going back. The Sister Wives star says that the phrases such as “do-over” or “should have done” do not exists for her. Christine also added several hashtags, such as “#moveon #letitgo #letthatshitgo #dudegetoverit”. However, according to the caption, fans are assuming that her caption is a response to Kody. They are speculating that Kody must have talked about welcoming Christine back into his life.

Instagram: @christine_brownsw

Fans also thought that she posted it for her. To let people know that she is finally over him. And that she will never go back to the original. She doesn’t regret her decision to leave Kody. Hence, she said that there is no such thing sd “should have done”. However, many Sister Wives viewers remarked on how joyful and healthy she appears now that she and Kody are no longer together. One fan wrote, “so glad you moved on!”. Others praising her beauty said that she is aging in reverse. However, few said that Christine and Janelle look happier

since they left Kody. And that it takes a lot to move on and start a new life. On also that she is an inspiration to many women. Glad that she left her toxic relationship, as she deserves better. Fans are happy to see Christine smile in her recent post and wish the smile would never fade.


Sister Wives: Kody Accused Christine Of Speaking Poor About His Other Wives Behind Their Back

According to a teaser for the forthcoming Sister Wives episode airing on January 1, Kody accuses Christine of speaking poorly about her other Sister Wives to him during their marriage. However, in the second episode of the One-on-One Sister Wives reunion, Christine responds to Meri’s accusations that she had been “shunning” Robyn. She told the host that she wasn’t mean to anyone. However, Kody had something different to say. He claimed that Christine had been sh*t talking Janelle and Meri for around two years to me”, he said. Therefore, he is feeling annoyed. He also accused Christine by saying she used to tell him that he was sleeping with the enemy.

Sister Wives

Next, Kody stated he didn’t trust Christine when she said she wanted a divorce because he believed she was playing games with him. Kody told reunion presenter Sukanya Krishnan that his initial problem was that he thought Christine was playing a joke on him. Kody told he had mixed feelings. He made an effort to maintain his composure. He subsequently accused Christine of exerting further control over the marriage. ” She enjoys playing games,” Kody said. He said that the manipulating, pouting, temper tantrums, and other behavior problems started as soon as they were married. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for further updates.