‘Sister Wives’ New: Kody Brown Gives Crude Warning to Host on Next One-on-One

Sister Wives star Kody Brown delivers a harsh warning to the host of this coming Sunday’s One-on-One on the hit TLC series. He makes it quite clear to Sukanya Krishnan that he’s about to become “p*ssed off” if she continues on with her line of questioning. So, what did she want to know?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rages About Trust Issues

Kody Brown said that he’s at a point where he knows who he can trust and who he can’t. So, the host of the show asked him who he trusts.

He answered, saying it was “obvious” who it is. But the Sister Wives patriarch didn’t throw out a name. So, the host pushed Kody and asked who it is he can trust.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Instantly he seemed to turn angry. He swigged his coffee rather aggressively, and said he was about to become really “p*ssed off.”  He then told her he’d talk about it at a later date.

It looked like the father of 18 was more invested in getting another point across. Viewers think he spent a good deal of time throwing Christine Brown under the bus.

Kody Claims Christine Bad Talked Janelle Brown

At this point in the upcoming Sister Wives Tell-All, viewers already know that Janelle Brown separated from Kody months ago.

Since then, she’s often pictured on social media with Christine Brown, who jumped ship first. As some fans suggested in their comments online, Kody takes a stand that resembles a scorned 12-year-old who becomes mad at friends.

Fans say he makes Christine out to be an ogre, claiming she “sh*t-talked” both Janelle and Meri to him. It looked as if this was his attempt at planting a seed in Janelle’s mind. After all, his second wife now seems very close to his third wife, both of who left him.

The new sneak-peak video had some fans suggesting his behavior resembled that of a kid. One trying to get his friends to gang up against another kid.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Not to Be Trusted?

Kody never mentioned Christine by name as someone not to be trusted. But the way he spewed his words about his ex-wife, made it clear to the Sister Wives fans that he had her in mind.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Some say he also sounded like he thought he was doing Janelle a favor. Maybe Kody Brown thought he was by sharing all the digs he claims her now best friend made toward her over the past two years.

But Kody also included Meri as a target for Christine as well. So, it did have the feel of creating a situation for everyone in the Sister Wives family to gang up on Christine.

Heeding Kody’s Warning

Over the years, Kody Brown was able to bring conversations to a screeching halt with a warning that he was getting peeved. None of his four wives seemed to want him in that condition, so they heeded that warning.

But Sukanya Krishnan is not one of his wives. It looked like the shared husband thought that warning would work with the host. But fans say it didn’t.


She did push a bit more until he said he wanted to table the topic of who he trusts for a later conversation. But as soon as he said he was getting angry, he made exaggerated movements. Kody swigged his coffee with a quick jerk of the cup, which likely conveyed his anger to anyone watching.

So, it might have worked with his four wives at one time. But it didn’t work with the Sister Wives One-on-One host. Fans say that just seems to shine a light on how conditioned all four of his wives were to his moods at one time.

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