Sister Wives: Christine Flaunts Her S.e.x.y Curves, Calls Herself A “Survivor”

The Sister Wives show witnessed three consecutive divorces in the last two years. Apparently, this trend was started by Christine. She stood for herself, left Kody, and showed the other wives that life without the patriarch was better. Hence, since then, fans have been watching the star glowing and growing. Evidently, the celeb has finally decided to make her mental and physical health her priority and to live a happy life. Recently, the mother of six posted a clip in which she was flaunting her tiny curves in s.e.x.y jeans. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Christine Calls Herself A Survivor While Flaunting Her Curves

Indeed, Christine is a survivor. Apparently, the Sister Wives star survived years of toxicity, manipulation, and disdain. Fans know that the 50-year-old entered the family in 1994. Indeed, the star’s marriage worked in its initial years. But the dynamics completely changed since Robyn Brown entered the family. Evidently, since the fourth wife came day by day, Kody’s disdain towards other Sister Wives increased. Hence, the celeb decided to chuck off all the toxicity and restart her life from a new end and moved to Utah. Undoubtedly, she is handling her divorce really well and has become an inspiration for the world.

Recently, the TLC star took to Instagram and shared a video in which she flaunted her curves in tight jeans. Apparently, the clip had Edda Hayes’s, Survivor playing in the background. It started with lyrics, “I am a survivor, and I am not going to give up”. The celeb was promoting her Plexus drinks in the clip. Apparently, Plexus is a joint venture of Christine and Janelle in which they promote their weight management drinks. Hence, the celeb gave all her weight loss credit to her “pink drink”.

Christine added to her caption, saying that 2023 is almost here. Hence, she is there for everyone who is ready to take the leap for better health, mental clarity, weight loss, etc. However, the highlight of the reel was the TLC celeb who was prancing around the video. Christine was showing off her slimmed physique

while she wore a grey top with tight blue jeans. Indeed, Sister Wives fans loved the glowing and happy face of the celeb and appreciated her fitness. Not only this, but the viewers felt that maybe Christine is posting such reels on purpose to make Kody realize what he has lost now!


Sister Wives: Christine Asks Her Fans To Move On!

The Sister Wives star Christine has finally moved on in her life after ending her marriage. Indeed, divorces are never easy, but it seems that the TLC star stands as an example to the world that single women can also stay happy and fit. She recently posted a carousel of three pictures in which she wore a light grey T-shirt and blue jeans. The first snap was a bit blurry but aesthetic in that Christine pointed at the camera. In the next one, the celeb was captured laughing out loud, while in the last one, she again flaunted her curves.

Christine captioned the picture, saying that there’s no such thing called a do-over. She further adds that there’s no such thing called “should have done”. Hence, she asked fans to “let that sh*t go” and move on. Sounds familiar, right? Indeed it sounds familiar because the 50-year-old did exactly the same. She simply moved on without any regrets and is leading a happy life which was evident in her pictures. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.