Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Won’t Find A Man Because She’s Too “Risky” To Date!!!

In the video clip, Kody Brown said that Christine held him responsible for breaking their daughter’s heart, being a coward, and picking favorites. In short, she blamed him for everything. However, the Sister Wives patrairch understands the desire to divorce when not in love. But in order to ease her guilt, she accused him of all. Not only for the harm done to her children but also to Janelle’s. As a result, those relationships have been pulled away from him. Kody Brown also said that Christine is allegedly trying to assuage her guilt by telling that he is a “bad man”. However, he claimed that she must do that in order to find another trustworthy man because if she breaks up with a nice man, most guys will think, “This is risky”.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Open For “Causal Dating”

For more than 25 years, Christine and Kody Brown were married. Her decision to quit being one of the Sister Wives was difficult because she had been a part of the group for a long time. However, Christine ultimately decided to dissolve her already-dead marriage and start again. It is challenging for her to begin her love life after such an event. After much thought, she ultimately chooses to become more open to dating. She earlier revealed that she had started dating in an interview. However, she claims that it is “casual dating”. Christine has decided to wait a while before entering any committed relationship.  She thinks it’s too early for that.

Sister Wives

The mother of six is, nonetheless, open to a stage of casual dating. However, she is currently not in the phase of a serious relationship, so she is keeping things very light. Although, when Christine asked whether she wanted to marry again

, she said she was open to marrying but only if it was not polygamy. She has had enough of polygamy now. While Kody believes finding a new partner will be a difficult task for Christine as she left a “good man,” fans do not agree with him. However, viewers will have to watch to hear Christine’s answer to Kody’s claim that she is too risky. For all the latest Sister Wives updates, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers.