90 Day Fiance: HUGE LOSS For Kimberly Menzies, Mourns Sister’s Death After Losing Her Mother Last Year!

Kim Menzies’s life has been a complete mess lately. Apparently, fans know the 90 Day Fiance celeb for her storyline with Usman Umar. The viewers have witnessed the struggle of the duo to stay with each other. They have dealt with cultural differences, age gaps, and much more. Nonetheless, their relationship wasn’t strong enough to withstand the ordeals of their contrast. Not only this, but the viewers are aware of the fact that the celeb lost her mother last year. Hence, while she was already dealing with her mother’s sad demise and a painful breakup, her amazing sister also passed away. Here are more details about the same.

90 Day Fiance: Kim Expresses Her Grief On Sister’s Death

The 90 Day Fiance star Kimberly Menzies is slowly losing each and every person on whom she relied the most upon. Fans remember that she shared the sorrowful news of her mother’s death last year. Apparently, because of that, she was already heartbroken as the matriarch was her support system. Not only this, but she recently shared a picture of hers on her death anniversary. However, before the TLC star could come out of the traumatic mishap, she lost her amazing sister Teri.

Recently, Kim took to Instagram and shared the news that her elder sister Teri passed away last Thursday. The celeb shared two beautiful pictures with the departed soul. Menzies further explained in the caption that Teri was an amazing woman who loved her family and was a great Aunt to Jamal. Not only this, but she also revealed that because her sister Teri used to watch Kim on 90 Day Fiance, they used to watch it together. Hence, the duo indeed has a lot of memories together.

The TLC star further thanked Teri for being an amazing sister and requested her fans to keep her family in their prayers. Indeed, the viewers were heartbroken and gave their condolences to the sorrowful star. Many took to the comment section to support Menzies and prayed for the departed soul. Moreover, many 90 Day Fiance cast members like Bilal Hazziez, Shaeeda Sween, Chantel, and Cynthia Decker also consoled the matriarch and expressed their grief for the loss.

90 Day Fiance: Usman Supports Kimberly Even After Their Split!

It has been a while since Usman and Kim got separated. Indeed, over time they have formed a strong bond. In fact, many 90 Day Fiance fans have witnessed the duo facing all the ordeals of life together. Though they might have parted ways, they share a friendly bond. Hence, even after terrible fights and clashes, Sojaboy acted as the support system of his ex. In Menzies’s recent post, the Nigerian native took to the comment section and consoled her. Usman wrote that though she is facing a difficult time, he wants her to be strong. Not only this, but he further quoted a verse from his holy book that says, “Every SOUL must test the pain of death.” Hence, we all are waiting for our time to come.


In addition, he comforted Kim by saying that God would see through this situation and help her. Indeed, Menzies was overwhelmed and thanked the Nigerian native for always being there for her. Not only this, but when some fans were trash-talking Usman, the TLC celeb defended her ex. She further revealed that the Sojaboy supported her even when her mom passed away. Hence, he has been sustaining with Kim in her thicks and thins. Our sincere condolences to Kimberly and her family at this sorrowful time. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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