Sister Wives: Meri Brown Celebrates Kody’s Absence In Las Vegas!

The Sister Wives fans are eager to watch Season 18. A lot has already happened in the last two years, and the dynamics have completely changed. Three wives left Kody Brown within just a frame of two consecutive years. Hence, it will be interesting to watch how the reality show that was a pure advocate of plural marriage would continue in the future. However, until then, we rely on social media, which helps us get a sneak peek into the stars’ lives. Lately, one of the ex-wives of Kody is partying and enjoying her time in Las Vegas without her estranged husband. It’s none other than Meri Brown! Shocking, isn’t it? To know more about the lone wolf’s trip, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Enjoys Her Weekend In Las Vegas

The Sister Wives star Meri Brown has faced a lot in her life. She was the first wife of Kody Brown and was the first one to receive disdain from him. After her catfishing incident, the celeb’s marriage became platonic for years. Hence, after Christine and Janelle left the plural dynamics, Kody simply claimed that he no longer considered himself married to his first wife. Without any discussions, the lone wolf was again left alone. Initially, she tried her best to reconcile, but now it seems that she is okay with it and has moved on in her life.

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Recently, the celeb took to Instagram and shared a clip of a beautiful view from Las Vegas. It was shot during the night with all the city lights and tall buildings making the scene worthwhile. Meri wrote ‘Las Vegas, I Missed You’ in the caption. Not only this, but it seems that the lone wolf is not alone on this trip, as she has some company as well! Recently, for Meri’s ‘Fridays With Friends,’ Jenny Sullivan also shared some pictures from last Friday. She captioned it, saying that their girl gang is celebrating Meri’s birthday all this weekend. The TLC celeb also reshared the story on her profile. Though she didn’t elaborate anything about her trip yet, it was evident that they were having fun.

Fans were really happy to watch the star having fun. It has been a while since Meri was actually suffering a lot and didn’t have fun. However, the star always looks cheerful and peaceful when she is around her friends. Even she often keeps posting with her best friend, Jenn, as the duo usually spends time together and enjoys their lives.

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Sister Wives: End Of An Era Of Meri Brown’s Life

The Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s life took a U-Turn recently. She was just trying to reconcile and win back Kody all these years. Not only this, but when the plural marriage first faced a divorce, she was in hope that now at least, the patriarch would have time for her. However, things didn’t work out, as the father of 18 never wanted to be back with Meri. In the recent Tell All, he made it really clear to the host Sukanya Krishnan that there wouldn’t be any arguments if the lone wolf wanted to marry again.

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Meri has now decided to move on with her life. Lately, her Instagram feed has been all about her outings with friends and having fun. Not only this, but there have been speculations that the TLC star might be already seeing someone as she threw some hints in the past. However, fans are happy for her and are eagerly waiting for her book. Meri has promised her viewers that they’ll be able to know her side of the story soon. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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