Ernie Thompson from ‘My Three Sons’ Found Happiness with Wife of 40 Years after Failures & Sibling Rivalry on Set

  • Ernie Douglas from “My Three Sons” is 69!

  • Now he is a family man with his own children and his wife of 40 years.

  • Barry Livingston reveals the sibling rivalry on the set among brothers.

Barry Livingston, born Barry Gordon Livingston on December 17, 1953, is best known for his role as Ernie Douglas in the 60s sitcom, “My Three Sons.” He starred alongside his older brother, Stanley Livingston, in the show.

He had a remarkable professional life, but there were some issues with working with his older brother. Yet he still managed to make his personal life great by marrying the love of his life and welcoming children into the world.

Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas, Don Grady as Robbie Douglas, William Demarest as Uncle Charley O'Casey, Barry Livingston as Ernie Thompson Douglas and Stanley Livingston as Chip Douglas circa August 1965 | Source: Getty Images

Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas, Don Grady as Robbie Douglas, William Demarest as Uncle Charley O’Casey, Barry Livingston as Ernie Thompson Douglas and Stanley Livingston as Chip Douglas circa August 1965 | Source: Getty Images

Livingston and his brother both found success on “My Three Sons,” where they played siblings. Yet he said that he didn’t have a chance with many women because of his role on the show, which was unlike other young men on TV at the time.

The actor joked about what it was like for him in relationships much later on in life. In his early 60s, Livingston said:

“It was not like an aphrodisiac for women to know that they had a shot at Ernie Douglas.”

He added that when he told women he was Ernie Douglas, they usually laughed in his face, so he learned early on that using that strategy to date women wouldn’t work for him in the long run.

Ernie Douglas Found Real Love: Now He Has Been Married for 40 Years

Livingston enjoyed a fast-paced lifestyle for many years due to his fame, but all of the partying came to a halt when he met his wife, Karen, in his late 20s. The pair married in 1983 and have been in love ever since.

Now, Livingston and Karen enjoy a beautiful life together, and he often shows their bond on his social media pages. Most recently, he shared a video of himself and Karen on a hike together for President’s Day.

He revealed that he and his wife had done a hike in the Hollywood Hills and proved it by sharing a video of his wife standing in her hiking clothes and then panning to the hiking trail they were on.

While many fans congratulated them for staying active and said the hiking trail was picturesque, it is not the only time Livingston has shared his life with his fans on social media. In October 2022, he shared a photo of Karen and said she was his dinner date before mentioning how lucky he was.

In December last year, he shared a photo of himself and Karen embracing one another and said he had asked her to be his wife 40 years ago to the day. He gushed:

“40 years of love and laughter. Feeling blessed whenever I’m by her side. Not letting go!”

A week ago, Livingston shared a snap of himself and his wife and shared that it was their 43rd Valentine’s Day together. He called Karen his “sidekick” and said their bond improved each year.

Fans wished the couple well on the post and said their bond was palpable. Livingston not only shows his wife on Instagram but loves to share his children with all of his fans and followers, too.

In September 2022, Livingston shared a group photo showing himself, his wife, their children, and some of their friends on the beach. Everyone in the picture smiled at the camera as they embraced one another.

Karen and Livingston welcomed two children; son Spencer and daughter Hailey. Livingston’s daughter followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress, singer/songwriter, producer, screenwriter, director, and poet.

Spencer, who is a musician and actor, is best known for his roles in “Girls Gone Gangsta,” “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night,” and “The Oldest Story Ever told.” There is not much more known about Spencer.

Livingston Reveals Sibling Rivalry on Set After More Than 50 Years

When Livingston and his brother, Stanley, were much younger, they both knew they had ambitions to be child actors. Yet Stanley is three years older and was, therefore, always three years ahead of his little brother.

Livingston once revealed that he and Stanley had a healthy sibling rivalry growing up as he felt everyone paid his brother more attention. However, when they landed the same TV show, Livingston thought they had been equalized.

The actor said he loved being a costar to his older brother, and they became closer because they shared everything on the show, from a dressing room to a school room. However, Livingston wasn’t simply handed the part.

He had to work as hard as anyone else to be cast as Stanley’s younger adopted brother on the show and didn’t get the role just because he was Stanley’s younger brother in real life or because he had other acting credits to his name.

Livingston auditioned for the role and found out twenty minutes later that he got the part. He revealed his sibling rivalry with his brother soon faded because he proved he was just as capable.