General Hospital: Sonny’s ‘One True Love’ REVEALED! It’s Not Carly OR Nina, CHECK OUT!

Sonny Corinthos is one of the most iconic characters of General Hospital. Over the several decades of his journey on the ABC soap, he has had many great love stories. Currently, the love of his life is, Nina Reeves, and their pairing is highly loved. However, many ardent General Hospital fans still believe that Carly is his one true love. This debate between which of the two ladies actually holds Sonny’s heart is a never ending one on social media.

Recently, a General Hospital fan created a poll on social media site Twitter, asking fellow fans to vote for the lady who they think hold the real key to Sonny’s heart. The two most obvious options were, Nina and Carly. Additionally, there were were also some of Sonny’s past lady loves. Those names included, Brenda and Connie (a.k.a Kate). A large number of fans voted for their favorite pick from the pool of options. A whopping 55% of voted went into Carly’s kitty, 39% to Brenda, and only a meager 3.2% came in Nina’s share. Well, even if Nina didn’t get the highest votes, she still has Sonny on the soap!

General Hospital

However, there were many General Hospital fans who didn’t find their favorite option in the choices. Thus, they took to the comments to drop the name they feel is Sonny’s true love. Hilariously, some fans even suggested that Sonny is his own true love. We bet actor Maurice Benard would’ve had quite a chuckle at that response! Interestingly, the star of the moment, Maurice too took notice of the poll and decided to settle the matter once and for all!

Sonny’s One True Love On General Hospital Is..
The General Hospital star dropped the name of his one true love in the comments under the poll. And it’s neither Carly, Nina or Brenda! In fact, it is none other than, Jason Morgan! And as soon as Maurice made the declaration, fans realized that they certainly missed the obvious! Interestingly, actress Laura Wright (Carly) too replied to Maurice’s comment “Yep! ha” and backed his claim of Jason being his true love. Long-time fans would remember that before Jason (Steve Burton) was shown dead on General Hospital, Carly was romantically involved with him.

We wonder what Steve Burton would say about this! Hey, Steve! are you listening? We really hope General Hospital finds a way to bring Steve back as Jason on the soap. His bromance with Sonny was beyond epic! Moreover, there is so much he left unresolved! Would you like to see Jason come back and pick things up from where he left them with Carly and Sonny? Let us know in the comments! Also, we would love to pick your mind about who you enjoy watching Sonny the most with on ABC’s General Hospital. Meanwhile, you can check out the poll and Maurice’s cheeky response below.