Tiffani Thiessen Encourages Fans to Take Break and Enjoy Time Alone On Mother’s Day

Tiffani Thiessen has her own way of celebrating Mother’s Day, and she encouraged others to follow her lead. The “Saved by the Bell” star shared a meaningful post on her social media page.

Tiffani is seen lying on a bed with her legs crossed. Her hair can be seen only partly, while her head is hidden. She is holding a huge slice of pizza in one hand and a book “Why We Can’t Sleep” written by Ada Calhoun in the other.

In her Instagram post actress wished Happy Mother’s Day to her followers and encouraged them to organize a little break or at least spend a moment all by themselves. She believes that everyone deserves to have such little things, hinting that mothers are often busy multitasking.

Tiffani’s husband Brady Smith honored his wife on that occasion with a heartfelt post too. He shared a photo of Tiffani hugging their children and sitting somewhere on the terrace. Smith wrote that the family loves her despite what ensued after the photo was taken.

He then proceeded to reveal a funny moment from their life – after the picture was taken, their daughter Harper flicked a little insect onto their son Holt’s plate, creating chaos.

Last year Tiffani Thiessen celebrated Mother’s Day with a family photo instead. She shared a picture of her husband and children standing all together on a beach during sunset saying how lucky she is.

Tiffani became a first-time mother on June 15, 2010, when her daughter Harper Renn Smith was born. Little Harper, who was born in Los Angeles, and her mother were doing great. Thiessen said that she and Smith planned and wanted that pregnancy for a long time. In one of her posts, the “Saved by the Bell” star called her daughter special, saying that she loves her to the moon and back.

Her second child, son Holt Fisher Smith, was born on July 1, 2015. Tiffani announced the arrival on her Instagram with Harper gently holding holding her little brother in her hands. Thiessen called Holt a “perfect sweet little man” in her caption.

Both of Tiffani’s children were born in her marriage to Bardy Smith. He is a well-known actor who has appeared in “Parks and Recreations,” “Criminal Minds” and other numerous shows. The couple got married in 2005.

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