Pierce Brosnan Pays Tribute to His 90-Year-Old Mom Who Raised Him Alone – He Has Her Eyes & Smile

  • The beloved James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan might live a glitzy life now, but that wasn’t always the case for him and his family.
  • The star’s mother supported him and encouraged him to follow his dreams—fans are in awe of their striking similarities.
  • The actor has been happily married for decades and takes on the role of “grandfather” to four little ones with pride and joy.

Despite becoming one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood, Pierce Brosnan faced many hardships growing up. His father left when he was young, and his mother moved to London to give him a better life.

Left behind in Ireland, he only saw his mom a few times every year. Brosnan lived in various homes, including with his maternal grandparents, his aunt and uncle, and in a boarding house.

Brosnan credits his mother for being a dependable source of support during this time, and when he expressed his desire to become an actor as a young teenager, she encouraged him. He remembered: “She wholeheartedly said: ‘Follow your dreams.'”

The actor eventually relocated to London, a significant change for the rising star raised only by his mother. He recalled his younger years:

“I was an only child from a fractured family. My father took off for the hills very early. And academically, my school days were tough. I needed to figure out what I wanted to do.”

Fortunately, Brosnan had a talent for art, which led to his love for movies. Reflecting on those early years, he fondly recalls the impact of watching the film “The Defiant Ones,” which stood out as a remarkable experience for him.

Today, Brosnan’s career spans decades, and he has become renowned for his portrayal of iconic characters such as James Bond in films like “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “Die Another Day.”

Brosnan has demonstrated versatility by acting in various roles in movies like “Mamma Mia!” showcasing his talent and establishing himself as a respected figure in the entertainment industry. His journey to stardom began, driven by his passion and the unwavering support of his mother.

Pierce Brosnan Expresses Gratitude to His Mother in Recent Online Post

On Mother’s Day, Brosnan took to his social media to celebrate and honor his 90-year-old mother, Mary Smith, with a heartfelt post. He expressed his love for his mum in his message, accompanied by an Irish flag and a heart emoji.

The simplicity of Brosnan’s words, “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Mum!” conveyed a deep sense of affection and gratitude.

The close bond between Brosnan and his mother extends beyond social media posts.

Fans of the Irish actor couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between him and his mother, leading them to shower the post with comments.

Admirers praised their shared beauty with comments like “They look so similar,” “You are beautiful like your mom,” and “The same eyes.” Others pointed out the resemblances in their smiles, emphasizing that it comes from the heart.

Amidst the remarks about their physical likeness, users also acknowledged the strong bond between Brosnan and his mother, highlighting the fortunate circumstance of having her in his life.

Fans expressed blessings and well wishes for Smith and acknowledged the importance of cherishing their time together. One fan reminded Brosnan of his good fortune, saying:

“Many blessings to your mother… enjoy being with her.”

The close bond between Brosnan and his mother extends beyond social media posts. He still gave his mother flowers, and the pair spent lots of quality time together, going for walks and enjoying each other’s company.

In their outings, Brosnan exemplifies the perfect gentleman, mirroring the charm and elegance he portrays in his films.

Brosnan was spotted walking arm-in-arm with Smith for a lunch outing in Sloane Square, Chelsea, England. The 70-year-old actor exuded dapper style, wearing dark trousers and a navy blue fitted coat.

Pierce Brosnan Off-Screen: A Doting Grandpa and Loving Husband

Brosnan’s current family life showcases his joy as a doting grandfather. Last year the actor shared the delightful news of his newest grandchild’s birth in an Instagram post.

Jaxxon Elijah Brosnan, born on November 12, 2022, at 3:06 p.m., is Brosnan’s fourth grandchild and the second child of his son Sean and wife Sanja Banic. The couple also has a daughter named Marley May.

Expressing his happiness, Brosnan conveyed his blessings and congratulations to his grandson and the proud parents in a heartfelt caption accompanying two adorable close-up images of Jaxxon.

The actor’s deep love and affection for his expanding family were evident in his words, writing:

“All good blessings to you, my dearest grandson, welcome. Congratulations, my darling Sean, Sanja, and Marley. Peace be with you.”

Alongside Jaxxon and Marley May, Brosnan also cherishes the memories of his two older grandchildren, Isabella and Lucas, from his late daughter Charlotte, who tragically lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2013.

Not only does Brosnan adore his role as a grandfather, but he also shares a deep love and admiration for his wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

Despite being together for over 20 years and married since 2001, the couple’s affection for each other remains as strong as ever.

Their bond is nurtured through quality time spent together. Brosnan revealed that painting in his studio, reading, drawing, and having lunch with his wife at the beach constituted his most recent perfect day.