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90 Day Fiance: Everything You Should Know About Sam Wilson’s Controversial Past!

90 Day Fiance

Sam Wilson entered as the newest cast member of the 90 Day Fiance franchise in Season 10. He has been featuring his unique storyline with Citra. The former is a US native who wants to tie the knot with his Indonesian girlfriend.

However, their storyline includes a lot of hurdles, like their cultural differences. Citra comes from a conservative Muslim family who abstain from pre-marital intimacy. She also wanted her partner to convert to her religion to marry her.

Citra and Sam’s journey has more issues and not just religion. Sam gave an idea about his past involving drugs initially. He claimed that his fiancee knew about his addiction to opiate medications. Recently, the TLC star revealed the full story of his drug addiction and legal battles.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Wilson Admits His Run-in With The Law Publicly!

Sam and Citra’s journey has been grabbing eyeballs since the start. The couple made their debut in Season 10 of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Fans had to wait for 10 episodes to meet the newest couple of the show. Then, Sam Wilson started making headlines with his troubled past.

Recently, Wilson opened up about his drug history on the show. He confessed to being addicted to pain medications at the age of 12. The cast member opened up about the side effects of the medicine that made him a “really cold, numb person.”

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As per ScreenRant, Sam revealed that the medicine made it harder for him to maintain relationships. He would also fall sick every other day, making it difficult for him to stick to one job. However, the reality TV celeb was glad that he fought this and has been clean.

Unfortunately, he faced another issue later after a doctor prescribed him “Suboxone” to control the withdrawals. It was also a kind of opiate to save him from getting sick. Sadly, Sam was caught by police officials during his trip with an unprescribed bottle of Suboxone.

The judge offered him a diversion program that he could take for some years. Sam was told to take some tests to prove that he wasn’t on drugs. However, the 90 Day Fiance newbie missed the deadline to file for the diversion program. Then, he’d have to face jail time after failing to adhere to the conditions.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Fears Losing Citra By Telling Her About His Criminal Past!

Sam and Citra’s journey on 90 Day Fiance has been filled with huge bumps. Sam feared telling his fiancee about missing the deadlines for the diversion program. The TLC star was afraid that Citra wouldn’t even visit America if he told her before her visit.

90 Day Fiance

So, he had been waiting for the Indonesian native to arrive in Missouri. The preview of the upcoming episode featured Sam opening up about his criminal past. He said, “There’s something I kinda need to tell you.” The TLC star went ahead to tell his fiancee about the diversion program issue. Citra was in disbelief and asked him about the consequences.

Wilson told her that he had to present him in front of the court to hear the judgment. However, there are high chances of either probation or jail time. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers to find out if Citra will return to Indonesia after the big reveal on 90 Day Fiance or not.

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