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90 Day Fiance: Fans Slam ‘The Last Resort’ Therapists For Pushing Liz & Ed To Be Together!

90 Day Fiance

For the first time ever, 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort introduced a council of therapists who would help the couples in mending fences. The show’s format had many therapy sessions in which all the pairs tried their best to heal from their past wounds and move on in their lives. Amid all this, fans were in shock to know that the experts were encouraging Liz Woods and Big Ed’s relationship.

The therapists were convincing them to stay together and make things work. Apparently, viewers feel that if the former were responsible enough, they should have suggested Ed and Liz part ways for all the good reasons! But why?

90 Day Fiance: Why Viewers Think Experts Shouldn’t Let Liz And Ed Mend Fences Again?

90 Day Fiance fans have already witnessed Big Ed and Liz Woods’s toxicity during their 11 consecutive breakups. They have demeaned, insulted, and argued on national television, which made the viewers wonder why they were even together and why they were determined to embarrass themselves!

Recently, the network dropped a podcast about the necessary foundation for sustaining relationships on a long-term basis. Fans took to the comment section and talked about the inefficiency of the therapists who couldn’t understand that Liz and Ed were way too toxic to be together.

A user explained that the therapy was mainly about intimate issues and bedroom life. Well, it can’t be the sole foundation of a relationship. The 90 Day Fiance fan stated, “That’s not how good therapists work.” Many fans stated that Ed and Liz’s relationship was over way back.

They believe that they are just together for the sake of TLC’s cheque. Some viewers even slammed the therapists for asking this couple to work on their relationship and stay together. A user wrote, “Ed makes my stomach turn.”

Another one wondered why experts weren’t able to understand that this couple has an “abusive” relationship, which should end for all the good reasons!

90 Day Fiance: Liz & Ed Are Still Together! Staying Together Because Of Therapy?

90 Day Fiance fans recently called out all the therapists of The Last Resort show. They pointed out how the sessions were conducted when the couples were already intoxicated. Many viewers questioned the experts for allowing the latter to drink before their therapies.

Moreover, fans felt that they should have examined the couples first and should have worked on their fundamental issues rather than on their bedroom lives. However, it seems that even after many visible loopholes, Big Ed and Liz Woods’s relationship is going really strong these days.

90 Day Fiance

Recently, Ed and Liz claimed that this couple’s therapy was the “best thing” they could have done to save their relationship. The latter believes that it was kind of a “fresh start.”

For the first time, they weren’t consulting Ed’s therapist. Hence, she felt that the dynamics were really fair. So, it is evident that this couple’s bond is really getting better now.

Ed and Liz have already got a house together and have reportedly walked down the aisle as well. So they are perhaps living their happily-ever-after phase now! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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