Savannah Chrisley’s Podcast YouTube Earnings Leaked

Every week Savannah Chrisley drops an episode of her podcast called “Unlocked” on YouTube. Each episode of the podcast runs somewhere between 40 and 70 minutes long. Being a podcast, each episode is also available on a number of other platforms including Amazon Music and Apple Music. Now, it is no secret that Savannah Chrisley’s podcast is a hugely therapeutic … Read more

Savannah Chrisley Pauses Parenthood, Needed Bahama Recharge

Savannah Chrisley admitted on a recent episode of her podcast that she had to push pause on her parenthood duties and jet off to the Bahamas for a much-needed recharge. At 25 years old, Savannah Chrisley was forced to grow up overnight when her parents landed behind bars and she became the temporary mother of Grayson and Chloe. While … Read more

Todd Chrisley Breaks Silence On Family’s New TV Series

Todd Chrisley may be behind bars at the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida for the next 12 years, but that doesn’t mean he is without a voice. With his children Savannah and Chase on a rotating schedule to come to see him and Julie every other weekend, the disgraced reality TV star can still use his children … Read more

Chloe & Grayson Chrisley Finally Free Of Savannah’s Exploiting?

Chloe and Grayson Chrisley are finally free as their sister (and temporary guardian) Savannah promised to stop exploiting them via a recent episode of her podcast. How exactly was she exploiting them? And, do fans believe her promise? Keep reading for the details. Chloe, Grayson Chrisley finally free of Savannah’s exploiting? On a recent episode of her podcast, Savannah Chrisley … Read more

Kyle Chrisley’s Wife Ashleigh Breaks Instagram Silence

Little is known about Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh. Neither she nor Kyle makes a habit of posting very often on social media. In fact, prior to today, Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh had only posted once on her Instagram profile this year. Moreover, she only has 29 posts on her profile period. So, it is a rarity for her … Read more

Savannah Chrisley Rages: Angry Tirade, Who Julie Really Is

Savannah Chrisley was seeing red this weekend as her heart filled with anger, hate, and rage. The reality TV star leveled with her followers that she understood she was 25 years old and very much an adult. It, however, was Mother’s Day weekend and her heart yearned for her mother, Julie. Moreover, Savannah Chrisley reached a boiling … Read more

Savannah Chrisley’s Friend Chadd Seeks Prayers For Niece

Savannah Chrisley’s friend, Chadd Bryant, took to his Instagram profile a few days ago to seek prayers from his 26.2K followers for his niece, Jada. His post included two photos of a gorgeous, young blonde girl with a huge smile on her face. Savannah’s friend explained that he strongly believes in “the power of prayer.” Is something wrong … Read more

Julie Chrisley’s Mother’s Day Meal Menu Behind Bars Leaked

Julie Chrisley will be celebrating Mother’s Day of 2023 behind bars and Chrisley Knows Best fans are wondering what is on the menu that day as far as her meals are concerned. Unsurprisingly, the disgraced reality TV mother’s meals for her special day will be a far cry from what she’s used to. Wondering what’s on the menu for her … Read more

Julie Chrisley Lives In Moldy & Humid Facility, Chase Reveals

Chase Chrisley spills the truth about his mother Julie’s living situation at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky. As fans recall, Savannah Chrisley previously blasted the facility on her podcast for treating her mother worse than a dog by not supplying proper temperature control. The reality TV princess pointed out that the therapy dogs were kept in a separate facility … Read more