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Days of Our Lives: Aketra Sevillian Is OUT! Talia’s Exit Story & Last Air-date REVEALED

Days of Our Lives is currently going through a lot of casting shakeups. Many prominent actors/characters are falling off the canvas. While, some new ones have debuted to add a layer of freshness to the long running soap! TV Season & Spoilers had previously reported that a comment Ari Zucker made on Aketra Sevillian’s post sparked the speculation that the latter was on her way out of the soap. Later, news reports confirmed that she had indeed filmed her final scenes for DOOL.

Now, the latest spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that when and how Talia will be making her way out of Salem. Recently, one of the most heated plot twists was when Shawn and Talia engaged in a drunken one night stand. Once the secret spilled out, it became reason for a complete train wreck. Belle and Shawn’s marriage was already hanging by a thread, and this betrayal proved to be the axe that snapped the thread.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Shawn and Talia hookup

Days of Our Lives: Talia Says GoodBye

In the upcoming episodes, Belle confronts Talia for sleeping with her husband on Days of Our Lives. Although, Talia will surely apologize for the mistake she made under influence, it’s understandable if Belle would still want to give her a piece of her mind. In fact, spoilers say that she very well will. Furthermore, Shawn’s enraged wife will tell Talia to stay out of her path and life. This stern warning will perhaps hit a spot, and the young woman will begin to wonder whether she even belongs in Salem anymore or not.

Eventually, she will come to a conclusion that it would be best for her to avoid any sort of further conflicts and just bid goodbye to Salem. Thus, Talia will return to her former life in California in the October 17, 2023, episode. Her decision will certainly come as a shock to her sister Jada. But what can really be done now. It seems like Talia nailed her own coffin. However, we must admit that Aketra was a phenomenal presence on the soap. We will surely miss her.

DOOL/Jada shocked by Talia’s decision

Will you miss Aketra as Talia too? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives comings & goings updates.

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