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Days of Our Lives: Gabi Hernandez Being RECAST?

TV Season & Spoilers reported earlier this year that Days of Our Lives star Camila Banus is set to exit the Peacock soap. Reportedly, the actress has already filmed her final scenes which will hit the screens sometime in fall this year. However, despite the many confirmations that Camila is exiting, no news about her exit storyline ever surfaced. Which means, either the makers are really succeeding in keeping the lid on the exit story or, Gabi is not exiting at all!

As ardent soap viewers, we are no strangers to the concept of recasts. Days of Our Lives itself has belted many of them our way. The most recent of them being Theresa Donovan. Fan favorite actress Jen Lily had been portraying the role of Theresa on the soap thus far. However, the role has now passed on to actress Emily O’Brien! Who, by the way, had been portraying Gwen until now. Thus, just because Camila Banus is exiting DOOL, does not mean Gabi has to be written out!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Gabi be recast?

Will There Be A New Gabi On Days of Our Lives?

The latest Days of Our Lives comings and goings hint that a recast might be the chosen option after all! Perhaps that’s why there has been no talk about how Gabi will be written off the soap. Especially, since she just started a new life with Stefan DiMera! A source close to the production has hinted that a casting call has been made which calls for physical attributes quite similar to that of Gabi/ Camila Banus. Hence, there is a possibility that the makers are looking for a new actor to step into Gabi’s shoe, so that she does not have to walk away from Salem.

Athough, it is to be noted that no one for Days of Our Lives has made any official confirmation about the character being recast. So we will actually have to wait and find out what happens when the curtains finally do fall on Camila’s act. However, we would like to add this much that the character surely has a lot of potential to be very lucrative for many new storylines. Thus, writing it off at this point may not be necessary. Moreover, in the absence of any feasible mega villain, it is hard to imagine how Gabi would be written off. Because she certainly isn’t leaving Stefan anytime soon. Nor is the couple on the verge of bidding goodbye to town!

DOOL/Stefan and Gabi

So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on what will Gabi’s ultimate fate on the Peacock soap will be.

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