EastEnders: Gina Takes Up A BIG ISSUE With Ben

Jay Brown is struggling like never before on EastEnders, after Lola Pearce’s death. Although the shock of her sad passing is starting to settle down in Walford, Jay can’t seem to come to terms with it. Recently, in an attempt to seek refuge from the ache, he befriended a sex-worker named Nadine. Alarmingly, Nadine looks a lot like Lola. Perhaps that’s why Jay finds her company so comforting. But things are slowly sliding down a downward slope, because this friendship is beginning to make Jay take a dark turn.

When Callum spotted Jay with Nadine, and realized that Jay has spending all his night with her, instead of being home with Lexi, he confronted him. Although Jay tried to play it down by telling Callum that he is only sleeping at Nadine’s house, not “with” her. However, that seems like a very small problem as opposed to the one that is beginning to consume Jay. During one of his sleepovers, Jay spotted a bag of Ketamine on Nadine’s bedside table.

EE/ Callum and Jay talk

Jay Goes Down A Dark Road On EastEnders

Upon asking, Nadine told him that the drugs help him cope with her problems on EastEnders. Later, when Callum reprimanded Jay and asked him end his arrangement with Nadine, he returned to her place. Jay asked her to let him have some of the Ketamine since he can’t fall asleep at home. When she expressed her concerns, he assured her that it will be a one time thing. But will it really? Because the latest spoilers reveal that Jay gets arrested for drug possession!

However, he tried to defend himself by assuring Callum and Ben that he was only busted for weed on EastEnders. But is that really true? Or even the end of it? Unfortunately, no. The spoilers further reveal that a desperate Jay reaches out to Gina and asks her if she knows any drug dealer. Noticing the visibly falling apart Jay, she refuses to give him any details. Moreover, she heads straight to Ben to share her concerns regarding him.

EE/ Gina is taken aback

What will Ben do now? Will Jay’s loved ones manage to save him from completely blowing up his life? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Jay’s fate.

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