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EastEnders: Nadine Is Shaken By A Devastating Death News

Walford residents are having a hard time putting Lola Pearce’s death behind them on EastEnders. But Jay is visibly the most wrecked by her passing. No matter how much he tries he is unable to come to terms with the heartbreaking reality. Currently, on the BBC One soap, his grief is taking him down a really dangerous road that will only spell more disaster in the coming days. In one of the previous episodes, Jay bumped into a woman named Nadine. She bares a striking resemblance to Lola. Hence, had no trouble in catching Jay’s attention.

The two of them have now struck a friendship of sorts on EastEnders. As the story progressed, it became clear that Nadine is actually a sex worker. Interestingly, she even tried to proposition Callum at one point. Thus, when he saw Nadine and Jay together later, he was shocked. His concerns grew further when he realized that Jay had been spending his nights with Nadine. Furthermore, the matters became even worse when Jay scored Ketamine from Nadine, and Callum found out.

EE/ Callum and Nadine talk

Concerned for his friend, Callum decided to speak with Nadine on EastEnders. Thus, he approached her and struck a conversation over drinks. Callum then opened up to her about how Jay is struggling to cope with the passing of his wife. The truth bomb left Nadine shell shocked. She had assumed that Jay and Lola had just had a bad break-up. She had absolutely no idea that she passed away. Taking the conversation, Callum confided in Nadine that she should not let Jay pay to be with her. He urged that it will have a terrible impact on him.

Later that night, when Jay returned to Nadine’s flat he admitted that he should be with Lexi. However, he also confessed that it is getting harder for him to stay in Walford and fall asleep because everything reminds him of Lola. He requested Nadine to give him some more drugs to help him through the night. She complied but with a warning that it could cause him harm. He promised her that it was just one time. But will he really be able to stop at just one time?

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EE/ Jay and Nadine

The latest spoilers reveal that Jay will be arrested for drug possession. Will this push Nadine to stay away from him? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Jay’s fate.

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