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General Hospital: Lois’ Return Sets The Wheels In Motion For An Emergency Wedding

General Hospital: A New War On The Horizon, Lois and Olivia Go Head To Head

General Hospital has been on a roll with treating fans with some exciting returns and cross-over characters. The latest to join the bandwagon is the enthralling Lois Cerullo. Portrayed by the stunning Rena Sofer, she made her return to Port Charles recently to rave reviews from fans. But her return is not just about the fan excitement! She also brings with her a truck load of drama, and of course, oodles of charisma. Oh! and let’s not forget those signature killer nails! But coming back to the point, Lois’s return at this point runs the risk of sparking a love triangle between her, Ned and Olivia! Oh and an emergency wedding! But how and why? Keep reading to find out!

Lois Returns To General Hospital

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that has happened on General Hospital lately is, the return of Lois Cerullo. She was such a fan favorite back in the 90’s. Moreover, her pairing with Ned Quartermaine during his Eddie Maine era was massively shipped! Thus, her return right when Ned has drifted back to being Eddie makes total sense. Furthermore, it makes for some befitting drama and chaos. Why drama? Well, Ned is currently married to Lois’ childhood bestie, Olivia! And although Ned and Olivia are husband and wife, a completely different round of sparks are flying between the two!

General Hospital
GH/ Lois is back in Port Charles

Initially, Olivia was acting severely averse of Ned’s Eddie persona on General Hospital. However, as the story progressed, she warmed up to his musician side. So much so, that it looks like she is falling in love with him all over again. But, we can’t ignore the fact that Lois was a major part of Eddie’s life in the 90’s. In fact, the spoilers reveal that he is having recurring dreams about her! So, it seems rather plausible that as the episodes pass, Ned and Lois might end up reigniting some past feelings! Thus, making way for a complicated love triangle between them and Olivia. Which would also put at risk, his and Olivia’s marriage! Speaking of marriages, Lois’ return will also fast-track another marriage on the soap!

Lois Gives Brook Lynn and Chase a Nudge To Tie The Knot

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal that after meeting Harrison Chase for the first time, Lois will be impressed. After speaking to her daughter Brook Lynn, she will realize how much in love both of them are. Thus, giving BLQ a green flag for Chase! But things might not stop here! Lois seems committed to fixing everything that has gone haywire in her daughter’s life. Including taking Tracy heads on! However, some spoilers hint that Lois can also set the wheels in motion for a fast-track wedding for Brook Lynn and Chase.

GH/ Will Brook Lynn and Chase get married?

We know that Gregory is suffering from ALS on General Hospital. Moreover, now Chase knows about his father’s diagnosis too. As expected, he has been really hard-hit be the news. And that’s exactly what brings us to the marriage! In the upcoming episodes, Gregory may express his wish to see his son settled. Although Chase admitted to Michael and Willow that he is not thinking marriage yet, but he just might have to. Because time isn’t really Gregory’s best friend right now. Moreover, since Lois has already approved of Chase, she might even end up pushing the two of them to tie the knot for his father’s sake. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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