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The Family Chantel: Pedro Getting Deported As Chantel Wants REVENGE After Divorce?

90 Day Fiance

Pedro and Chantel first made an impact on the audience through 90 Day Fiance. No matter how much drama their family indulged in, their love stood strong. However, the couple began experiencing trouble in their marriage after a couple of years. So, they decided to part ways, and their spin-off, The Family Chantel, captured it last season.

Now, the couple is back again with yet another season of their show. It depicts the aftermath of their divorce. Pedro has come forward with many serious accusations against his ex-wife. One of them was how the latter was trying to get him deported after the bitterness of their separation! So, is that true?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Accuses Chantel Of Getting Him Deported!

Pedro and Chantel came off as one of the strongest couples to come out of 90 Day Fiance. While they did have their fair share of issues, their love made them overcome them. Alas, they weren’t able to make their marriage work and got a divorce in 2022. The new season of The Family Chantel is depicting how the aftermath affected the stars.

In the new episode, Pedro made a serious accusation against Chantel. He felt she was in the process of getting him deported! It all began when the former was angry that the latter took out as much as $200k from their joint account. Everett sensed that her ex might take out all the money and hide it somewhere in the Dominican Republic.

The Family Chantel 90 Day Fiance

So, to prevent it, she used the money to pay for the expenses of their house and bills and used it for their divorce. However, Pedro believed that Chantel used $60,000 for her own benefit before using the rest of the amount in the court. He said his ex received a few letters from the government in the mail. It got him thinking that she might have hired a lawyer to get him deported.

Pedro was worrying that if he went to renew his green card, there would be a case against him. He felt Chantel contacted a lawyer and tried to make it look like their marriage was a “scam” as he mistreated her around their divorce. Fans have only heard half of Chantel’s side of the story. They are eager to know more to make sense of the entire thing.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Won’t Give Chantel Half Of Everything, Fight Gets Ugly

While Pedro and Chantel were in the middle of selling their house together, things turned sour. The latter made it clear that she wouldn’t be signing the divorce papers unless her ex confirmed that she would get half of everything. The Family Chantel star and his family in the Dominican Republic didn’t take it well.

90 Day Fiance

They found it unfair, considering how unfairly Chantel had treated him. Moreover, her family wasn’t kind to their son-in-law either. They also tried to make Pedro understand that making it on his own as an immigrant in America would be hard for him. Hence, Pedro shouldn’t let his ex have half of everything.

Whom do you support out of the two, Pedro or Chantel? Let us know how you feel in the comments. Keep track of all the latest The Famly Chantel updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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