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The Family Chantel: Pedro Reveals Chantel Stole $265K From Their Joint Account Upon Separation

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The Family Chantel initially documented the storyline of Chantel and Pedro’s wholesome relationship. But soon, their marriage started to face downfall. Hence, the most promising couple eventually ended up parting ways in the most chaotic manner possible.

Lately, the current season of the noted show is featuring the aftermath of Chantel and Pedro’s divorce. Amid all this, the latter ended up accusing his ex-wife of swiping out $265K from their joint bank account! Is this true? Did Chantel really take Pedro’s money? What is the truth behind these accusations?

The Family Chantel: Did Chantel Really Swipe Out $265K From Her Joint Account With Pedro?

Pedro and Chantel have been accusing each other of various things. But this time, the claims seemed to be really grave and serious. As per The Family Chantel star, his ex-wife ended up swiping around $265K from their “joint” bank account without his knowledge.

He claimed, “Chantel stole all the money from the joint bank account.” Pedro narrated how he went to get a few things for his house and tried paying with his card. However, as per the celeb, his ex-wife had already taken out the money, so his card “declined” the transaction.


In an exclusive clip by People from The Family Chantel, Pedro stated, “I noticed that she swiped out everything, $265,000.” He further added that Chantel returned the remaining amount to the court after she allegedly ended up using $60,000. The noted 90 Day star feels that his ex-wife was using the money to “deport” him.

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As per Pedro, he got some letters from the authorities and learned that Chantel and her family were trying their best to deport him. He accused the latter of portraying their marriage as a “scam.” This can end up creating issues for Pedro when he applies for citizenship or gets a green card renewal.

Pedro believes that Chantel and her family are now trying to seek revenge on him. Hence, he accused the latter of using all the money from their bank account just to send him back to his native land.

The Family Chante: Chantel Has A Completely Different Story! Did She Accept Using $265K?

YES! Chantel admitted to swiping out a significant amount from her joint account with Pedro. But she wasn’t ready to accept the latter’s accusations. The Family Chantel star explained that she was sceptical of her estranged partner’s intentions.

Chantel wondered if Pedro would take away all the money and would end up hiding in his native land. Hence, she decided to be on the safer side. The noted celeb stated, “I was using that money for our divorce and the bills of the house.” Everett further clarified, “I gave the rest to the registry of the court.”

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Apparently, Chantel admitted that she basically “didn’t know” what her ex “was capable of.” So, she took this step. But on the other hand, Pedro believes that her claims are “bullsh*t.” He revealed to his family that Chantel was demanding “half” of everything that was left now.

As per Pedro, Chantel made it clear that she won’t be signing the divorce papers until she gets her deeds. Hence, fans are now eager to watch how this couple would find common ground and part ways. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest The Family Chantel tea.

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