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90 Day Fiancé: 8 Cast Members Who Are Obsessed With Wearing Hats

Gino Palazzolo isn’t the only 90 Day Fiancé star who is obsessed with caps. Some other cast members have made hats an important part of their styles.

Over the last ten years, 90 Day Fiancé has featured many quirky and unique cast members, like Gino Palazzolo who is obsessed with wearing hats. Another strange cast member is Natalie Mordovtseva, who surprised her fans with her eccentric personality and habits. The Ukrainian woman previously discussed her love for trees and how she adores hugging them. She said she gets energy from embracing trees in her arms. Likewise, former cast member Steven Johnston weirded viewers out by acting like a child in front of the cameras. He treated his lover, Alina, like a baby, which made 90 Day Fiancé fans call him out on social media.

A few years ago, Korean man Jihoon Lee disclosed Deavan Clegg’s weird sleeping habit. He claimed that she purposely made her daughter sleep in their bed. When Jihoon confronted his former partner about it, she claimed that it wasn’t wrong and that she did the same in her childhood. Controversial Big Ed Brown gave one of the biggest viral 90 Day Fiancé franchise moments ever. He revealed that he used mayonnaise on his hair. He showcased the entire procedure in front of the cameras, making viewers grossed out and cringe. While there have been many weird trends among the cast, hat-wearing has become a big staple.

8Zied Hakimi Likes To Sport Long Hair With Cap

Zied Has Started Wearing Caps Recently

Sporting headwear is probably the most common obsessions cast members have had on the series. Former cast member Zied Hakimi has notably begun wearing caps and bandanas on his head over the last few months. While many fans loved Zied’s hairstyle on the show, he started opting for headwear after he grew his hair to medium length. The Tunisian man embraced a ponytail and probably sported caps to keep his hair under control. Zied’s long and bearded face and his other obsession with sunglasses complement him whenever he wears something on his head.

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7Amanda Wilhelm Loves To Wear Caps During Workout

Amanda Likes To Hide Her Face With Caps

Amanda Wilhelm is also obsessed with caps. Over the months, she has posted many photos and mirror selfies of herself in athleisure outfits and matching headwear. Amanda is a gym addict and likely sports different caps as a fashion statement. She loves showing off her cool, sporty getups on social media and showing her followers her dedication to fitness. A few months ago, Amanda posted a photo from her gym’s restroom, where she sported candy pink leggings and a grey hoodie. The single mom used a grey cap to complete her look.

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6Hamza Moknii Goes For Really Big Caps

Hamza Has Changed His Style After The U.S. Move

Tunisian man Hamza Moknii featured 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days spin-off alongside his American partner, Memphis Smith. However, things didn’t go well for him after she took him to the United States. Hamza broke up with Memphis and has now made a decent life for himself in Chicago since his move. He has changed many things about his old personality and opted for new habits. Hamza has changed his old style and opted for more modern and hip outfits. He likes to pair his urban hoodies and pants with extra large caps that cover his forehead completely.

5David Dangerfield Looks Handsome In Stylish Caps

David Is Experimenting With His Style

When David Dangerfield joined the 90 Day Fiancé franchise in 2023, he didn’t seem like the most fashionable guy. However, he has changed his personality a lot over the months and has become more confident in expressing himself to the world. David has been posting pictures of himself and Sheila Mangubat on social media and having fun with his followers. He’s showing off his new style by sporting new stubble and caps. However, the fan-favorite star doesn’t seem insecure about his hairline, like Gino.

4Gino Palazzolo Hides His Bald Head With Caps

Gino Likes To Keep His Head Covered

Gino Palazzolo is notably the most headwear-obsessed 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member. Apart from wearing caps in public, viewers have noticed him sporting them on the bed and even while getting cozy with Jasmine Pineda. Gino sports all kinds of headwear, from fedora hats to sporty caps. He is insecure about his baldness, which Jasmine has discussed in the past. While Gino should likely embrace himself for who he is, it’s easy to see that caps do compliment his face. His beard style, in combination with his headwear, gives him a unique look and helps him stand out on reality TV.

3Karen Everett’s Caps Are Her Style Statement

Karen Has Worn So Many Different Types Of Caps

The Family Chantel’s Karen Everett is also very popular for sporting the most unique head accessories with fashionable outfits. She loves to stand out whenever she’s in front of the cameras, and the caps and hats only add to that. In the past, Karen has tried old-school handmade hats, natural-straw casual hats, radiant pink fedoras, sporty long caps, black leather retro hats, and more. Headwear has become part of Karen’s image, and fans are often surprised to see her whenever she flaunts her long hair. She looks almost unrecognizable without something on her head.

2Pedro Jimeno Likes To Wear Baseball Caps

Pedro Started Wearing Caps In 2019

Pedro Jimeno-Hat-Cap-looks-The Family Chantel

Pedro Jimeno has likely taken a page from his former mother-in-law’s fashion book. In the past, Pedro didn’t sport any head accessories. However, he changed his fashion style right after landing in the United States. Over the years, Pedro has posted numerous photos of himself sporting various caps. He has tried baseball hats, cowboy hats, and many other different combinations. Pedro’s long face and goatee-style beard fit well with hats. He often sports headwear while working out or appearing on podcasts. He mostly prefers black or white caps and rarely goes for something bright.

1Robert Springs Looks Young & Attractive In Caps

Robert Likes To Wear Caps During Outings

Robert Springs is a cool father of six who keeps himself looking fashionable. He likes to sport casual outfits, tops, and hoodies and pair them with colorful caps. He also has braided hair, which looks great with headwear. Unlike other cast members, Robert has maintained the same style since he debuted on 90 Day Fiancé season 7. Whenever he’s out partying with co-stars or working out at the gym, he mostly sports baggy clothes, caps, sports shoes, and a medium-length beard. The 90 Day Fiancé alum’s social media posts suggest he has no preference for colors and loves to sport all kinds of hats.

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