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90 Day Fiance: Are Brandan & Mary Not Together Anymore? [Latest Update]

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90 Day Fiance

Brandan and Mary raised eyebrows for their tumultuous relationship on the show. They were labeled as “toxic” and “childish” by the 90 Day Fiance viewers. Fans even predicted that the couple would not last long. The pair made headlines recently for their pregnancy announcement on the show.

However, things started going downhill soon after the pregnancy news. Brandan and Mary’s current relationship status suggests that the two are happily married. They have been sharing multiple updates from the Philippines on social media.

But the two have also been sparking split rumors for a while. Mary even started trash-talking about her partner’s family on social media. Now, it appears that the two have gone their separate ways. Is that true?

90 Day Fiance: Brandan & Mary Spark Breakup Rumors!

Brandan and Mary usually made headlines for their toxic love story. Fans called out the 90 Day Fiance stars for being the most childish couple on the show. Brandan has been living with his lady love in the Philippines for a long time.

He went to the country to meet his lady love and tie the knot. However, Brandan’s family spoiled his storyline after revealing their wedding pictures. Later, his cousins also spilled about Mary’s pregnancy. Now, the pair is living in the Philippines with their baby.

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But Brandan and Mary have been sparking rumors about the split again. Recently, TVSS did some research about the couple’s relationship status. It appears that fans’ predictions were true about the pair’s future. Brandan has deleted all the posts from his Instagram profile. Mary also archived all the pictures with her husband on Instagram.

Now, it seems that the two have sorted their issues again. Recently, Brandan updated his Facebook bio. He wrote, “Maria Rosa I will love you no matter what.” His bio also confirmed that the two are facing a rough patch in their marriage. 90 Day Fiance fans will have to wait for Mary’s response after Brandan’s claims to know for sure.

90 Day Fiance: Mary Lashed Out At Brandan’s Family On Social Media!

Controversial 90 Day Fiance stars Mary and Brandan always stood strong with each other despite their issues. The latter’s mom, Angela, never liked his daughter-in-law. Tensions between the two started when Mary initially stopped Brandan from spending time with his family.

Hence, Angela made sure that she wouldn’t ever be on good terms with the Philippine star. Recently, Mary uploaded a cryptic post against Brandan’s family. In it, she clearly mentioned that she won’t ever force anyone to like her or accept her.

90 Day Fiance
Mary Demasu-ay Instagram [Source: Monsters & Critics]

Mary stated, “If you don’t like me, then I don’t like you either.” Further, the TLC star added, “Even if you’re my partner’s member of the family idc.” She concluded her statement by saying that she knows who’s fake and who’s not.

However, Mary didn’t mention the name of the person or the real reason behind her anger. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers to know if Brandan and Mary from 90 Day Fiance are still together or not.

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