90 Day Fiancé: Brandan’s Mom Angela Wants To Expose Mary For Being A “Scammer”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Mary Demasu-ay is accused of being a scammer by Brandan DeNuccio and his mom Angela during the Tell-All.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brandan Denuccio’s mother Angela is all set to reveal why her son calls his wife Mary Demasu-ay a scammer. Mary and Brandan are among the most controversial couples newly introduced to the franchise. They began their journey in The Other Way season 5 in July 2023; the premiere episode showed Mary and Brandan’s toxic 24/7 video call. Mary had met Brandan on a dating app and swiped right on him because she thought he looked like a cross between her crushes Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. Brandan and Mary were in a long-distance relationship for two years when Brandan moved to the Philippines to marry Mary.

Now that The Other Way season 5 is over, it’s time for the Tell-All, and a preview (as shared by People) is not looking good for Mary. Brandan and Mary got married in the last episode and recently revealed they welcomed their first baby in August 2023. They join the Tell-All via a video call, suggesting Brandan was still with Mary in the Philippines when they filmed the show. Host Shaun Robinson asks Brandan what he is like “when he gets mad.” Brandan says that he sometimes calls Mary a “scammer and a “b****.” Shaun then turns to Angela, who is present on set in New York to find out what Mary has done to Brandan that’s making him call her some of those words.

Mary & Angela’​​​​​’s 90 Day Fiancé Feud ExplainedMontage of Mary & Brandan from 90 Day Fiance getting married

Angela looks distraught when the cameras and other cast members are facing her. She hesitates while answering Shaun’s direct question. She, in turn, tries to get Brandan and Mary to talk about what happened. She asks them if they want to talk about the “last incident.” Brandan’s mother, Angela, did not approve of him moving to the Philippines. She was worried about him because of Mary’s insecure nature. Mary did not like Brandan visiting his mom’s apartment in America because she had female roommates. Brandan was also not allowed to meet his half-sister. Mary cried when Brandan left America.

She still made the effort to fly to Mary’s country when the couple announced their wedding date. Brandan’s mother felt Mary was manipulative and trying to distance him from his family. She was further alarmed when Brandan told her about Mary’s pregnancy. Angela didn’t quite like the bug-infested house the couple was living in. However, Angela and Mary became close before the wedding. Mary had almost called off the ceremony when Angela made her realize she was meant to be a good wife to Brandan and a good mother to their kids. She talked sense into Brandan and told him not to waste his time playing video games.

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