90 Day Fiancé Season 10: Are Sam & Citra Still Together? (Spoilers)

90 Day Fiancé season 10 has finally introduced Sam Wilson and Citra, and their relationship seems to have red flags. Find out if they stay together.

90 Day Fiancé season 10 fans are already curious about whether new couple Sam Wilson and Citra end up together. The season has introduced Sam, 30, who hails from Cameron, Missouri, while Citra, 26, is an Indonesian cast member from Bogor in West Java. Sam and Citra met on a dating app after Citra was bored at work and looking for friends when she saw his profile and was fascinated by his physical appearance. The two started talking and quickly began a new relationship.

Sam admitted he wasn’t attracted to Citra right away, although they did flirt while they were messaging. Sam started liking Citra’s personality, but more importantly, noticed that she had a large bottom. Sam came clean to Citra about his drug past, and she accepted him. Two years later, Sam and Citra met face to face. Sam wanted to propose to her during his trip to Indonesia. He didn’t have a ring for the proposal, but Citra said yes to him anyway. Citra is all set to move to America on 90 Day Fiancé season 10.

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90 Day Fiancé’s Sam Has A Secret Drug Past

Sam from 90 Day Fiance Season 10 confessional

Sam from 90 Day Fiancé works for an online retailer, which involves stocking for the retailer. Sam was working two shifts at his job when he filmed the show and had to sleep in his car to save time on commuting, otherwise, it takes Sam two hours to go to work and return home. Sam doesn’t have a lot of job options, and being a dockworker certainly wasn’t a career he wanted to pursue growing up. Sam’s life had been affected by his past as an addict. Sam got addicted to pain medicine when he was 15 years old and opiates for quite a few years.

Sam realized that he had become cold and numb as a person during his addiction phase. He could never have long-lasting and meaningful relationships because of the shift in his personality. Sam started falling sick every other day, and it became difficult for him to commit to anything. Sam described his past as a “dirty, ugly, world.” He mentioned how he used to try and buy drugs from the street and was “getting burned.” Sam finally got sober at 22 years old. Although it’s been more than 10 years since then, Sam has been through several relapses.

Sam hoped he would be able to stay clean since Citra was arriving soon in the U.S. He claimed he had told Citra about his substance abuse one year into their relationship. He mentioned she was accepting and loved him more than he could have ever loved himself. However, in a preview during episode 8, Sam spoke about having a secret that Citra isn’t aware of. Sam, said it was “nerve-wracking” to hide the secret from her. He was worried that when he told her, and she told her dad, he would forbid her from marrying him. Sam has yet to tell the cameras about what he’s keeping from his wife-to-be.

Citra Wants Sam To Convert To Islam

Citra is close to her sisters, Nanda and Nafa. She loves her sisters because her family means everything to Citra. She became very close to her sisters after her mom passed away two years ago, so her Muslim faith is very important to her. When Citra and Sam were more serious in their relationship, Citra informed Sam that he would have to convert to Islam to marry her. “It’s really important to my family,” she added. However, Citra was worried that Sam wouldn’t take her faith seriously, which meant her family would disapprove of their marriage and take her back to Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Sam is an atheist. Growing up, Sam’s mom was a very religious Christian woman. Now he lives with his dad, who doesn’t believe in any kind of God. Sam’s dad believes in aliens and thinks that his dad’s beliefs are kind of funny, but he did see a UFO once with a circle made up of white light in the sky. It had four lime green lights. He added, “All of that kind of led me to be an atheist.”

Sam was nervous because he thought it was going to be difficult for him to live by the “strict things” that Citra would expect him to do. He’s been told that he can’t drink alcohol and will have to fast until sundown during the month of Ramadan. “That alone makes me hurt,” he confessed.

Sam & Citra Has To Abstain From Intimacy

Citra Sam Show Up On 90 Day Fiancé Season 10

Sam knew there wouldn’t be a wedding if he didn’t convert. Meanwhile, Citra’s faith also meant that Sam and Citra couldn’t be intimate before marriage. While Citra and Sam had “kissed and all that,” he mentioned how a couple can’t be intimate until marriage in the Muslim religion. Citra and Sam had planned on marrying a few days after she arrived in the U.S. Her dad was worried that if they waited too long, they’d end up having sex, and Sam and Citra would have sinned.

Sam wondered if the fear of Citra’s dad kept him from being intimate with her. He thinks it’s because Citra’s dad is a policeman and his faith. Citra had suggested they get married within two weeks and not 90 days. “Because he needs to see us getting married,” she told Sam on a video call. Sam thought two weeks was awfully quick and was starting to stress out. He’s worried that if he didn’t make the arrangements for their wedding soon, it would make him look irresponsible to her dad.

Citra Is Still In America (She’s Married To Sam)

It seems Sam did pass the test because his and Citra’s social media pages have clues they got married. Sam has a private Instagram account, but Sam’s profile picture is of him carrying Citra in his arms. His username, swcw4ever, contains his and Citra’s initials with his last name, Wilson.” However, Sam’s profile basically spoils his storyline with Citra because of what he’s written in his bio. Sam’s bio on Instagram reads, “Please leave a message for Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,” with a smiling face with hearts emoji and a ring emoji.

Citra’s own Instagram username is cswlsn, which reads, Citra Wilson, to suggest Citra has taken Sam’s last name. Her bio also notes that she’s an “Indonesian in America” and has a link to her social media pages. Citra writes that she is a “content creator” and makes content about my daily activities living in America, along with travel content. Citra’s latest Instagram post reveals she celebrated Halloween with her 90 Day Fiancé husband in the U.S.

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