90 Day Fiance: Where Are Paul & Karine’s Kids Living Amidst Their CPS Battle?

90 Day Fiance

Karine and Paul failed to land in the good books of 90 Day Fiance fans when they made their debut on the show. They were toxic from the get-go, especially after the latter told the former to get an STD and pregnancy test done as soon as he met her. Yet, they continued with their relationship, moved to America, and also had two sons, Ethan and Pierre.

In 2021, fans had to find out the hard way that Paul and Karine had parted ways. It happened after a concerning video leaked of Karine hitting Paul in their messy Kentucky home. But the troubles didn’t end for them as CPS had to step in and take their kids’ custody away after deeming them as unfit parents. So, where are Karine and Paul’s kids right now?

90 Day Fiance: Where Are Karine & Paul Kids? Not With Their Parents During The CPS Battle!

Paul and Karine had to eventually get kicked out of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Their troubles were too much for fans to be keeping up and things got really dark. For instance, the Brazilian woman had made allegations about domestic violence and sexual assault against her husband. Soon, they separated in 2021 after a video of her physically abusing her partner went viral.

There was also a point where the couple got a restraining order against each other. Because of their multiple run-ins with the law, the court considered them “unfit” to be taking care of their sons Ethan and Pierra. Since then, the former 90 Day FIance pair has been fighting hard to re gain their little ones’ custody. But as per CPS, they are with a foster family now.

90 Day Fiance

Not much is known about this new family. However, a source did state once that Ethan and Pierre were doing well and had changed tremendously. Unlike their famous parents, who became famous for doing reality TV, the foster family is not on social media. They feel it best for the kids to be growing up in an environment away from the limelight.

90 Day Fiance: Where Are Karine & Paul?

Things had been very turbulent between Karine and Paul, even after their separation in 2021. That’s precisely why the court ended up handing over the 90 Day Fiance stars’ kids to the CPS. As per their social media activities, ther former has been doing everything in her power to regain her kids’ custody. This requires her to get consistently drug testedand go for court hearings.


90 Day Fiance

Moreover, Karine also announced her plan to make extra bucks this Christmas season by doing holiday advertisements. She revealed how she would use all the funds to afford a good lawyer who would help the family get their kids back. As far as Paul is concerned, he has been MIA from the US for a while now. There was also buzz about him getting lost in Brazil.

It turns out it was all a gimmick, and Paul is focussing on his dating life. He is busy befriending young indigenous ladies while completely ignoring his responsibilities as a father back in the US. Keep track of the latest 90 Day Fiance tea by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/

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