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90 Day Fiancé’s Karine Martins Reveals New Job With “Great Pay” Amid Child Custody Situation

90 Day Fiancé alum Karine Martins shuts down her critics by revealing her new job. She works for one of the biggest courier companies in America.

Karine Martins from 90 Day Fiancé recently opened up about her hardworking job and if she’s still focused on getting custody of her sons, Pierre and Ethan. The mom of two has let down many fans with her actions over the months. Apart from dating controversial reality TV star Josh Seiter, Karine has posted fun pictures on social media, which ruined her image. She was also spotted enjoying her time in Disney’s theme park with her estranged husband, Paul Staehle, which has sparked rumors that she is no longer fighting to get custody of her kids’ custody.

Recently, Karine ended all the negative rumors by giving a life update to her followers on Instagram. She posted a photo of her working a regular job and revealed that she isn’t just a party girl who likes to make special videos. The Brazilian woman wrote, “in reality I work every night all night at UPS in the main hub.”

Karine revealed that she’s currently busy because it is peak season. She added, “it is long hours and hard work. great pay and benefits.” The former 90 Day Fiancé star also claimed she’s still fighting for custody of her sons. She shared she’ll work as hard as it takes to get her babies back.

Fans React To Karine’s New Job In The U.S.

Karine Martins Staehle from 90 Day Fiancé hair in bun glam makeup posing inside house

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans supported Karine’s tough job at UPS. A social media user wrote, “yesssss girl, you CAN do this,” cheering Karine to keep fighting because her best life awaits right around the corner. Another user commented, “great that you have a steady job with good income,” adding that Karine should keep trying as hard as possible to get her sons back because they need their mother. Fellow 90 Day Fiancé stars also shared their support on the post. While Molly Hopkins shared praying hands emoji, Evelin Villegas, Paul Staehle, Mike Berk, Cynthia Decker, and David Toborowsky liked Karine’s update.

Social media users have shared many negative comments about Karine since her breakup with Paul. Therefore, it was nice of her to shut her critics down by sharing a slice of her real life on social media. Karine has clarified that her prime focus is still on her kids and nothing else. She’s working day and night to earn enough to afford the services she needs to get her sons back. Like most reality TV stars, Karine posts about her party life and talks about her adult content career. However, that is likely just for social media engagement and doesn’t depict her real self.

Karine was in a painfully toxic relationship with Paul. While she does deserve the blame for losing her kids, she also deserves a chance at redemption. Karine was in a bad mental state a few years ago, which led her to a dark place. However, she has since evolved and become a much better person. Karine deserves her babies, and her kids deserve their real mom. While Paul still seems unfit to be a father, Karine has turned her life around and is well-equipped to fulfill her role as a mother. Hopefully, the 90 Day Fiancé alum gets Pierre and Ethan back soon.

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