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Days of Our Lives: Alex and Theresa Join Forces At Titan, A New Storm Is Coming

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Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that a new side of Alex is steadily taking over the old one. Apart from talking back to his “former” father and acting ruthless & menacing, he has also become committed to putting his past with Stephanie behind him. Moreover, he has now found an ally in his new quest. It is none other than Theresa Donavan. But is this new alliance really a good thing? Or are we about to see a major storm in Salem? Both, on personal and professional front, with them in the epicenter of it all! Dive right in to find out!

Theresa Weasels Her Way In

The minute Theresa had set foot back in Salem, she faced an astounding rejection from Brady. Whom she considers her one true love on Days of Our Lives. However, she is not averse to experimenting. Thus, she quickly shifted her focus to attractive Alex Kiriakis. Much to her luck, he did not hesitate one bit in flirting back with her. As Jen Lily (former Theresa) previously stated in an interview, Alex is an attractive, young and wealthy Kiriakis, why wouldn’t Theresa be interested!

DOOL/ Theresa has her eyes on Alex and his pot of gold

Moreover, now, with Alex becoming the heir of half of Victor’s wealth on Days of Our Lives, the pot has become even sweeter! Theresa is adamant and committed towards becoming a part of his life. She even managed to convince him for a date night at The Bistro! Interestingly, Alex had a great time! That too, after a slew of bad dates with some other ladies. Hence, it is certain that he will soon start seeing the potential of a romantic beginning with Theresa. Moreover, a new relationship will also go a long way in helping him get over Stephanie.

Alex and Theresa Forge A Disastrous Alliance On Days Of Our Lives

The spoilers for the week of October 16-20, 2023, reveal that Alex will make a proposition to Theresa. Furthermore, the Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that it will be a professional one. Considering that Alex has just taken over the throne at Titan, he will soon be needing a right hand person! And currently, it looks like this person is going to be Theresa. So he might ask her to step into a COO or a similar powerful role at Titan. Honestly, going by how interested in Alex she is, we don’t see why she would decline the offer!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Alex and Theresa make an alliance

On the personal front, now that Theresa has made her mind to stay back in Salem for now, she is going to need a place to live. We wonder if Alex would ask her to move in with him! Sure, it is too soon, but this Alex! We have seen him act impulsively so many times before. So we can’t write off the possibility. Everything seems to be progressing to fats for them anyway. But then that also makes us think, why?!? Is all this about to come crashing down? There is a major possibility that Theresa forged the letter that revealed Alex as Victor’s secret son. If that’s true, then the truth will come out sooner or later! And when it does, not only will Alex lose all his inheritance and power, he will also shun Theresa!

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What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on Alex and Theresa’s future!

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