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Days of Our Lives Exclusive: As EJ Destroys Tate’s Life, Dan Feuerriegel Shares Some Advice: ‘Chill Out’

Days mashup Theresa and Brady looking aghast at Tate with a black eye and EJ glaring at them

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There’s no two ways about it: Things just got downright brutal for Days of Our Lives’ Tate. He’s now a minor who’s not just being charged as an adult, but in an adult prison, being beaten by grown men. Even if he was guilty of supplying Holly with the drugs, that’s horrible. The fact that he’s innocent and just being used as EJ’s metaphorical punching bag makes it so much worse.

Because rest assured, the truth of his innocence will come out. These things always do on daytime. The legal apparatus has so far been supporting EJ, but his innocence will likely not just blow that up, but finally take whatever blinders they’ve got on off and realize, “Oh, crap. We almost destroyed a kid’s life for nothing and may have just traumatized him beyond repair.”

Days' Tate looking cautiously at Brady and Theresa in prison with a black eye

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EJ’s convinced the judge to go along with him, twisted Rafe’s arm into cooperating and, as Nicole wavered in the face of Brady’s pain, EJ just swore on Stefano’s grave that he’d make Tate pay. It seems practically impossible for EJ to hold onto his job after this is all resolved. Throw in Gabi’s eventual innocence and you’ve got ample ammunition to claim he was out of control as DA, acting purely out of personal vendettas.

“Well, that’s EJ,” Dan Feuerriegel sighed when he talked with “That’s his way, his modus operandi. That’s his motive for everything. He’s getting revenge.”

That’s fair. But it also makes Paulina’s decision to appoint him as DA even more questionable. Because at this point, it seems like everyone in town should know that that’s how EJ works. So when this all blows up, it seems just about impossible for her to come out of this unscathed, either.

In the DiMera foyer, Paulina wears a stern expression. Nicole puts her hands on EJ's chest, with a measured demeanor.

While Theresa wants to sue EJ into oblivion, Brady just went straight to Paulina to get rid of the DA. Mayor Price appointed EJ, then stood back and let him run rampant while, folks might say, she was distracted with her own health problems. That latter detail might not be fair, but in the world of politics, you can bet it would be pounced on.

There doesn’t seem to be a way either of them will keep their jobs after this, but… so what? At least for them. Paulina’s got a lucrative business to fall back on and so, too, does EJ. So make no mistake. As it so often does with the rich and powerful, no matter how this ends up, EJ’s going to land on his feet.

“There can’t be a week gone by without him wanting to be in charge of DiMera,” Feuerriegel admitted. “EJ thinks he’s the best for the job. I feel like he’s just been more distracted with the DA stuff right now because it’s personal.”

Days' EJ chastising Nicole with a finger in the DiMera entry hall

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But Tate and Gabi both ending up released after they’re inevitably proven innocent will put an end to these personal vendettas. Though that doesn’t mean EJ can’t keep making life miserable for everyone until then. And Feuerriegel doesn’t dance around one of EJ’s biggest problems. Because if he had some advice for his character?

“Well,” he chuckled, “chill out.”

Yeah, and with how tightly wound and borderline explosive EJ is right now, that’s good advice. But it’s not just something he could use for prosecuting Tate, but pretty much all of EJ’s life! But is he going to? Please. He wouldn’t be the DiMera he is if he did. Loving EJ and wanting to pull our hair out at the things he does are all part of his charm.

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