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Days of Our Lives: Leo and Dimitri’s Dramatic Future Revealed!

Days of Our Lives has been on the screen for so many decades that it is hard to think of anything that they haven’t already done! Yet, the long-running soap somehow finds way of surprising their fans every now and then with something really unexpected. Leo and Dimitri’s story was one such angle that totally caught us all off guard. From the minute Dimitri started wooing Gwen, we knew something about the handsome devil was off. Megan was already so vocal about “using Gwen” for the marriage that we knew faking love wasn’t Dimitri’s “off”. It had to be something else.

And woah! Did our jaws drop when Dimitri just grabbed Leo and planted a smoochie on his lippies? Absolutely! It’s hard to think that anyone saw that coming on Days of Our Lives. Even after Dimitri made a full blown confession of how smitten he was with Leo, it was a hard sell. We couldn’t wrap our heads around it. And for weeks speculations were rife that Dimitri was faking feelings for Leo, just to keep his secret safe! But look at them now! So much in love and on the run, these love sick fugitives!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Dimitri and Leo make escape plan

But what’s next for them? Greg Rikaart and Peter Porte got candid with Soap Opera News at a Days of Our Lives fan event in Los Angeles. They admitted that Dimitri and Leo are up for a fun ride in the upcoming months. However, amidst the romcom, Peter pointed that, “I think our love is tested as we realize how much we are in love.” Greg also shared a dun fact that before DOOL, he has history with both Peter and Emily, from The Young and The Restless. So it was really amazing and a whole lot of fun for all three of them to come together again.

Speaking about their future, Peter said that he wants the tables to turn on Days of Our Lives. He would like to see Leo go in another direction , with someone else. But then the two of them meet again and a whole new love triangle starts. There were also some laughs over how insane a twist it would be for Gwen to return with Dimitri’s baby in her belly! Oh wait, “OUR baby,” Greg insisted defending his character Leo. That’s not all, it seems like Greg and Peter have given the future a lot of thought!

DOOL/ Leo, Dimitri and Gwen

They even want Marlena to be involved in Leo and Dimitri’s storyline on Days of Our Lives. “Most of all, I want to find out how Deidre jumps in as our therapist. She’s all our therapist!” Peter insisted. Speaking for his character, Greg struggled with coming up with a bizarre storyline that the makers haven’y already thrown his way for Leo. Eventually, he settled for some adversity. He feels it would be a good layer for his character. And something Leo hasn’t tackled before! But that’s them choosing! What would you choose for Dimitri and Leo, if you were the writer? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season

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