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Days of Our Lives: Wake Wakey! It’s Time To COMEBACK For Bo

Less than a year ago, there was so much rooting for Bo’s come back on Days of Our Lives. Long time fans had been waiting with bated breaths to watch him walk the grounds of Salem again. Moreover, be united with the love of his life, Hope. And he returned, with that handsome face and a mystical aura. Oh! it was dream come true! Even when he was sauntering around Greece in a fugue state, we knew crossing paths with Hope will bring his memories back. And it did! Unfortunately, right before he could embrace his love, Shawn shot him and effectively put him in a coma.

Months have passed since that incident on Days of Our Lives, and Bo is still in a deep slumber. Meanwhile, a LOT has changed back home in Salem. His father Victor has passed, his son Shawn’s life is completely in shambles. And a whole new wave of drama is just waiting to happen with the Victor’s real heir story. So we can’t help but wonder if it could finally be time for Bo to wake up! In fact, we are not the only ones hoping for him to wake up! Actor Peter Reckell is rooting for it too!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Shawn shoots Bo

Recently, Peter shared a fan-made homage video clip on his official X account (formerly Twitter). The Days of Our Lives Mega star wrote that he feels “darn lucky” to have played such a character on screen. He then thanked his fans for keeping him alive always. Resonating every fan’s sentiment, he closed his tweet with, “Hope he wakes up soon.” Interestingly, this is not the first time Peter has low-key hinted his willingness to return as Bo to the Peacock soap.

In some media interactions earlier this year, Peter seemed very much open to return to his role on Days of Our Lives. However, Kristian Alfonso (Hope), on the other hand, was not so keen. Does that mean we have already seen the last of Bo and Hope together on DOOL? Would Peter return as Bo sans Hope? Well, honestly, it would be a bummer if we don’t get a proper Bo and Hope reunion, after them coming so close in their previous stint. Having said that, even if Bo was to return to Salem alone, there is still a bunch of meaty storylines waiting for him.

For starters, Bo has always identified himself as a Brady on Days of Our Lives. But after Megan’s brainwashing, he seems interested in embracing his Kiriakis genes. And we know there is so much drama going on in that family. So if Bo was to enter that mix, imagine how heated up everything will get! And quite honestly, it would make for a really interesting watch! So, this perhaps is the best time for Bo to wake up! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on Bo and Hope’s future.

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