Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi: ‘David Tennant and Matt Smith were always there for me’

The past Doctors have an unbreakable bond.

With David Tennant returning to Doctor Who and Ncuti Gatwa joining the club, it’s clear all of the past Doctors have a special bond – something that Peter Capaldi is clearly still incredibly grateful for.

During a chat with RadioTimes.com about season 2 of Prime Video’s The Devil’s Hour, which has been filming over the past year, Capaldi also reflected on his time as the Twelfth Doctor and his friendship with Gatwa, and fellow past Doctors Tennant and Matt Smith.

He told us: “I love Doctor Who and I look forward to watching the 60th and Ncuti, I think, is amazing. I’m so excited to see what he does.”

Capaldi added of meeting Gatwa for the first time: “We had such a laugh because we met. We’d gone to the Scottish BAFTAs and I met his mum as well, which was lovely. We were just talking – it’s like what David and Matt did with me.

“There are only a few, well 14 people, who have done this and there are specific challenges to it and it’s a specific world and there’s only 14 people who have been at the heart of that. It’s interesting to hear what they have to say about it.

“David and Matt were very good at helping me with advice and chat and were always there if I wanted to talk to them and stuff. Ncuti was very open to hearing what it was like. I just think he’ll be great.

“We’d met at the Scottish BAFTAs and we exchanged texts and I was on the train home and I was texting him and he was texting me and then we found out we were on the same train! So then he joined us, that was great.”

Unlike Tennant and Smith, Capaldi doesn’t see himself returning to Doctor Who, previously telling RadioTimes.com that he’s “done his time”. But he went on to say: “I like the idea that [my] Doctor is still out there somewhere, that they all are.”

More recently, he’s played roles like the mysterious Gideon in The Devil’s Hour, which also stars Jessica Raine and follows a woman named Lucy who wakes up at 3:33am every morning without explanation and whose house appears to be haunted. But it’s soon revealed there’s much more going on beneath the surface.

Capaldi previously told RadioTimes.com of his enigmatic character: “In some ways, he’s a criminal. He’s a murderer and a threat to society. So he’s a very, very smart and elusive villain that the police are pursuing (and never quite managing to catch). Until they do.”

He added that, once Gideon is caught, things take a drastic turn. “He then reveals that he’s not quite what we think he is,” he said.

Prime Video hasn’t revealed a release date just yet for The Devil’s Hour season 2, but we do know it’s in production.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/

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