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EastEnders: A Big Secret Is Being Hidden, Rocky In A Pickle

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If you regularly watch EastEnders, you will know that is always a string of secrets being kept hush-hush around Walford. However, the one we are discussing today has the potential of completely blowing up one very recent marriage. In fact, the spillage might even go on to become a catalyst in the exit of a character. If you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about the one Rocky is keeping from his wife Kathy! Keep reading to find out what might happen when the cat leaps out of the bag.

Currently, on EastEnders, Kathy and Rocky are going through residential issues and crashing with Reiss and Sonia. However, now Kathy wants to get a place of their own with Rocky. In fact, in the upcoming episodes, she will pull him to go see a studio apartment with her. Unfortunately, she has no idea that they don’t have the money for it because Rocky blew it all at the bookies. Upon being asked, he lies to her that he has not been paid yet at the dealership.

EE/ Rocky and Kathy talk

But for how long can he really keep the truth from Kathy on EastEnders? Rocky has several schemes going through his mind right now. Unlucky for him, all of them are about to backfire on him, according to the spoilers. He is hoping to sell some extra cars to get more commission to cover the payment for the house. In fact, he is even going to have a secret meeting with Ian and Cindy, hoping to convince them to bury the hatchet. Unfortunately, it will blow up in his face. Ultimately, he will once again turn to the very habit that actually put him in a predicament in the first place.

“The only people that ever win at the bookies are the bookies.” Says EastEnders Star

This is one statement that Rocky has often made on EastEnders. “Unfortunately, he never takes his own advice,” Brian Conley (Rocky) mused to the media recently. Furthermore, he spilled that Rocky will try to dip his feet in more gambling hoping to win his money back. But we all know how it ends for Rocky with gambling! Brian reflects that Ricky would be able to avoid a lot of problems if he just gets honest with Kathy and tells the truth.

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EE/ Can Rocky and Kathy survive the upcoming storm?

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. He is hiding it all from her because he wants to be the provider for them. ” He loves her so much,” Brian insisted. But will their love be able to prevail in the end? Especially with Brian Conley’s impending exit hovering overhead! Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates.

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