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General Hospital: Gregory Finds A New Partner, Breakup With Alexis

Gregory’s life is basically a ticking clock right now on General Hospital. Not too long ago he was diagnosed with ALS. His symptoms are slowly but steadily beginning to show and there is nothing that he can do about it. As hard as he had been trying to keep his diagnosis a secret from his family, the truth now stands spilled. But does that mean we are heading towards the end of Gregory Chase’s storyline? Especially with not one but TWO potential romantic tracks on the horizon for him! We know the first one is Alexis, but who is the second lady charming Gregory? Well, she might soon over shadow his connection with Alexis! Keep reading to find out all about it!

Gregory and Tracy Spark A Connection

Before getting into any romantic or relationship drama, we have to address one thing. We, like many other General Hospital fans, are failing to see why the makers chose to give Gregory ALS. If the makers don’t rewrite the story by including a misdiagnosis angle, we don’t see how they are planning to keep Gregory on the soap for longer than a couple of months. Especially with his symptoms steadily progressing. Now that being addressed, let’s talk about this extremely striking connection that is suddenly building between him and Tracy.

General Hospital
GH/ Tracy and Gregory

Long time viewers will know that Tracy Quartermaine is a force to reckon with. She has always been a fiery and feisty woman on General Hospital. A personality trait that she keeps displaying every now and then on the soap. She and Gregory has clashed and had some mini arguments previously. However, these days the two have been quite civil with each other. In fact, civil is an understatement. The two have been spending time with each other and we have to admit their are sparks flying left, right and center!

Will Gregory End Up Choosing Tracy Over Alexis On General Hospital?

Even if Gregory and Tracy can’t see those sparks just yet, the General Hospital fandom has taken notice! And that’s not all! They haven’t just taken notice, but have also given them the stamp of approval. Going by their recent on-screen interactions, we can’t help but admit that Gregory has more chemistry with Tracy than he does with Alexis! Don’t get us wrong, it is not like anything is lacking between him and Alexis. She is in fact one of the most entertaining and stellar characters on the show! But there is just “something” that comes alive on screen every time Gregory and Tracy are together on the screen.

GH/ Who will it be for Gregory?

Moreover, he somehow manages to bring out this softer and kinder side of the Quartermaine matriarch that we don’t get to see so often on GH. The amount of time the two are spending together, and the spotlight the makers are shining on their currently platonic dates is making us feel that there will be “more” soon. We might just witness a love triangle between Gregory, Alexis and Tracy. If that happens, which pairing would you be rooting for? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Gregory’s future!

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