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General Hospital: OMG! Do We Have Runway Bride On Our Hands? BLQ- Chase Wedding Ends In Disaster

The moment that Chase and Brook Lynn fans had been waiting for with bated breaths has finally arrived on General Hospital. In the recent episode of the ABC soap, the handsome cop went down on a knee and proposed marriage to the love of his life. Taken aback, BLQ tells him that he shouldn’t pop the question just because her grandma and mom brought it up. However, Chase tells her that it is too late to take marriage “off the table”. He then produces a ring, much to her astonishment! But is she really ready for the commitment?

Chase Asks Brook Lynn For Her Answer

Chase tells Brook Lynn that he bought the ring weeks ago and had been waiting for the right moment to propose her on General Hospital. He then reminds her that she still is hesitating to answer his question. She asks him to ask her again, and he does. This time, she says yes with all her love wrapped in three letters. And they seal the deal with a passionate kiss!

General Hospital
GH/ Chase proposes Brook Lynn

But can Brook Lynn really hold her part of the deal on General Hospital? She seemed really reluctant and hesitant about it. It is not like she does not love Chase. We think she does, with all her heart. Just like she promised to love him till the end of time. But loving someone and having a happy marriage with them are two very different things. As we so often see in soaps! So, it is understandable that Brook Lynn has her fears and reluctance.

Brook Lynn Gets Cold Feet, Leaves Chase Standing Alone At The Altar on General Hospital

It is not like BLQ is doubting Chase’s sincerity on General Hospital. But the circumstances are really not that great at the moment. She can’t seem to shake the feeling that Chase could be rushing with the proposal and marriage due to the building pressure from both branches of their family tree. Gloria and Lois are rooting for them to just put a ring on it already. Meanwhile, some part of Chase wants to do it for his father. We know Gregory is slowly fading to his ALS.

GH/ Can Brook Lynn really go through with the wedding?

And at this point he perhaps really wants to see his son married and settled with BLQ on General Hospital. So, things are definitely moving too fast all of a sudden. It is understandable that this is very overwhelming for Brook Lynn. And history is proof that she does not handle that feeling very well. She was almost on the verge of breaking apart when the whole Quartermaine family situation became so overwhelming recently.

So could this marriage pressure finally end up becoming the last straw that pushes her to her breaking point on General Hospital? If that happens, we would be looking at the wedding day ending with a big disaster. An overwhelmed BLQ could get cold feet at the 11th hour and decide to flee. However, the only thing that can avert this escape attempt is if Chase can convince her that he truly wants to marry her for himself and not their families. But do you think that will happen? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this!


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