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General Hospital Relationship Shakeup: Sonny And Anna Get Romantically Close, Nina Finds Solace In Valentin

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Earlier in 2023, Nina took off her engagement ring on General Hospital. Knowing full well that Sonny will break off their relationship when he learns that she was the one who ratted Carly-Drew to the SEC. However, months have passed since then, the secret is still intact, with few more people standing on the lid of the box.

Nina and Sonny are now happily married. This made us wonder what was the point. But then, the latest developments are dropping huge hints that the soap will put not just Sonny-Nina, but Valentin-Anna on a path that intersects in a messy quad! Making way for a shocking couple swap! Well, not in a raunchy way the term often suggests. But in a complicated, emotional and heart-breaking manner! Keep reading to find out all the details.

Anna Finds Emotional Support In Sonny

Currently, on General Hospital, Anna and Valentin’s relationship is hanging by a thread. Which quite honestly will snap in all likelihood. Valentin has been keeping several secrets from her, but the one about Charlotte being her tormentor has to be the worst of them all. Especially, since it caused Anna to accidentally shoot a masked Charlotte. When the rough teen broke into Anna’s house to haunt her, a startled Anna discharged her weapon at the masked intruder. Not knowing it is actually Valentin’s daughter.

General Hospital
GH/ Anna depends on Sonny

All hell broke loose, and Valentin eventually told Anna the truth at General Hospital. But the crackling slap Anna served Valentin is hint enough that the two won’t be seeing eye-to-eye for a good while. Meanwhile, the spoilers reveal that Anna will find emotional support in Sonny during this testing phase. The two have a great friendship and deep respect for each other. But we have been soap fans long enough to know how fast friendships shift into romance when heartbreaks happen. And this is exactly what could happen when Sonny finally learns Nina’s truth!

A Shattered Nina Finds Solace In Valentin on General Hospital

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that an upcoming accident will bring a memory flood for Ned Quatermaine. Thus, we can rest assured that he will recall Nina’s SEC secret that he once set out to reveal. Which means, the expose we all had been waiting to unfurl is finally upon us. In the aftermath, it is pretty likely that Sonny will ask Nina to leave. And where will she go with her broken pieces? To Valentin, of course! Not only do they have a long standing romantic history, he has also been recently confiding in her. Valentin has been trusting Nina with the Charlotte secret, which he actually should have been discussing with Anna!

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GH/ Nina and Valentin come closer

So, it is certain that when Nina experiences a setback with Sonny, she will turn to Valentin for solace. Meanwhile, Sonny will lean back on Anna on General Hospital. Because he was already giving her support, remember? Like we mentioned earlier, messy quad! But for how long will this go on? Valentin and Anna have always looked like end game, so could they really be over for good? What ever the case may be, we have to admit that a Sonny-Anna angle would surely be refreshing to watch! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!

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