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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Opens Up About A Big Battle She Had To Fight

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From the days of Loving to General Hospital, Laura Wright is a seasoned actress. She has witnessed the evolution of the industry. With a career spanning back to 1991, when she first graced our screens as Ally in Loving, Laura’s acting prowess has continued to shine. But it wasn’t until recent years that she truly stepped into the social media limelight.

While social media offers stars a new way to connect with their fans, it has also exposed them to a darker side – online bullying. Hence, the General Hospital star encountered a battle with online haters. Her recent experiences with online haters highlight the dark side of the internet, where fans’ emotions sometimes spill over into personal attacks on actors.

Social Media And Its Dark Side

The rise of the internet and social media coincided with Laura’s portrayal of Cassie on Guiding Light. Since then, she has taken on the iconic role of Carly in General Hospital. While her online presence allows her to connect with fans in new and exciting ways, it also exposes her to the dark underbelly of social media – cyberbullying.

Laura understands the passion and emotions that fans invest in their favourite shows. She recalls screaming, yelling, and even throwing things at the TV during her soap opera experiences. That’s the fun, excitement, and anger that these stories can provoke. Laura’s love for television dramas hasn’t lessened; she still gets just as worked up when watching her favourite shows.

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However, there’s a line she won’t cross, and she hopes that fellow soap fans won’t cross it either. During an interview for Eldredge ATL, General Hospital star Laura said, “But I don’t attack the actors. For me, that’s a huge issue. If you have a problem with your favourites, I get it. But everyone, from writers, producers, directors, and actors, is showing up and doing their best. Everybody.”

General Hospital: Defending Co-Stars And Drawing The Line

Laura is dedicated to her fellow actors, as she has often shown. With the dramatic storyline of Sonny’s time in Nixon Falls as “Mike” and his love affair with Nina, General Hospital fans became deeply divided between the CarSon and Sona. Amid this, Laura has been a staunch defender of her co-star, Cynthia Watros (Nina). She has stood against online haters, especially when their actions went too far.

Laura acknowledges the diversity of the fanbase, stating, “There are tons of Sonny and Nina fans, too. It’s all over the spectrum, and it’s wonderful. I just think personally attacking any actor in any way is uncalled for. Have your passion for the character all day, but if you start attacking the actors, that’s unacceptable. And I have no problem blocking you.”

GH/ Laura Wright & Cynthia Watros

Laura’s message is clear: love the characters and express your passion for the stories, but let’s not attack the actors who bring characters to life. Let’s remember the hard work and dedication that the cast and crew put into their craft. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers, for all latest General Hospital updates.

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