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General Hospital: SPRINA Fans’ Worst Fear Comes True, Trina-Spencer Break-Up

It is soap law that no couple can be happy for too long at a stretch. General Hospital fans have been fearing the same fate for young lovers – Spencer and Trina for quite some time. The latest spoilers reveal that the other shoe might drop any moment now. But why? What could rip apart the so very in love young guns? Is it some personal differences? Or a third party situation? Well, you don’t need to scratch your heads raw, we got your back! Keep reading to find out all that’s there to know!

Spencer’s Ace- Obsession Grows To A New Level

As General Hospital fans had been anticipating, Esme really has developed feelings for Spencer. According to spoilers, she makes a full confession of how she feels about Spencer in a heart-to-heart with Laura. Which then pushes the young mom to make the decision of moving out of Laura’s house and into her own with Ace. As much as Laura might be in sync with Esme’s decisions, Spencer is not! He likes the current living arrangements, since, it allows him to stay close to his baby brother- Ace.

General Hospital
GH/ Spencer urges Esme to stay

Thus, when he finds out that Esme is planning to move out, he flips on General Hospital. The latest spoilers reveal that he is willing to do just about anything to stop Esme from leaving Laura’s house. He had previously decided to take a step back from acting like a fill-in daddy to Ace. Mostly because it was creating problems in his relationship with Trina. Thus, taking Kevin’s advice he tried to maintain a healthy distance. A decision that was raved by Trina. Unfortunately, he is about to go all in with his obsession of keeping Ace as close to him as possible. But what will it mean for him and Trina? A disaster waiting to happen?

Trina Can’t Handle it, Calls It Quits On General Hospital

During the week of November 13-17, 2023, Trina will be aghast at Spencer’s compulsive behavior towards Ace and Esme. Irritated, she will confide her issues in Ava on General Hospital. Trina will seek advice on how to proceed with this matter. Knowing full well that her relationship with Spencer will not be able to sustain Ace and Esme’s constant presence. There is a huge chance that Ava will suggest that Trina takes a step back if Spencer won’t. Ava may advice her to look at the whole picture from a distance and reevaluate her relationship with Spencer.

GH/ Trina struggles with Spencer’s closeness with Ace and Esme

The two have very recently entered a full-fledged relationship on General Hospital. Hence, there is no rush to anything. Trina can take her time and see how much of this Spencer-Esme-Ace package deal she can handle. However, going by how much it has already been bothering Trina, we have a feeling that if Spencer does not make a quick move on changing his ways, Trina might eventually decide to breakup with him. That would certainly be heartbreaking, but is looking more and more inevitable with every passing episode.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on what Spencer does next.

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