The Family Chantel: 8 Signs Scott Wern Turned Into A Monster (He’s Worse Than Pedro)

The Family Chantel cast member Scott Wern craves to be in the limelight. He has violated many boundaries to stay relevant on and off the screen.

Scott Wern from The Family Chantel isn’t a great guy, and some of his actions prove he might be a monster. The 51-year-old reality star made a name for himself when he joined 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise in early 2023. He was on the show alongside Dominican single mom Lidia Morel, famous for being the mother of The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno. Scott had a tumultuous relationship with Lidia throughout season 3. He liked her but couldn’t overcome the language barrier. Ultimately, he got so fed up with the communication issues that he dumped her and returned to his ex.

Scott was able to build a decent following on social media after his reality TV gig. He shed his villain label by becoming more candid with his followers and his quirky humor. In late 2023, Scott surprised fans by debuting on The Family Chantel season 5. He inserted himself into the reality show by re-sparking a romance with Pedro’s mom. Viewers may have been shocked to see him on the show; however, nobody was as surprised as Pedro, who couldn’t handle the fact that Scott was dating his mom again. He was furious about the situation.

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8Scott Used Lidia To Be On TV

Scott Took Advantage Of Lidia To Gain Fame

Over the last few months, Scott has been accused of being a clout chaser. Not only did he date Lidia to get on Love In Paradise, but he also re-established contact with her while she was filming The Family Chantel season 5. Since Scott had no intentions of building a future with the Dominican woman and faced numerous communication challenges, he could’ve simply stayed away from her. However, he timed his reconciliation to get more screen time on a more popular 90 Day Fiancé spin-off.

7Scott Initiated A Physical Fight With Pedro

Scott Lied About Pedro Being The Aggressor In The Fight

Scott is known for being over-the-top on social media. However, he crossed the line on The Family Chantel season 5 by starting an on-camera fight to create controversy. In one of the episodes, Nicole Jimeno caught Scott giving his number to another woman. When Pedro learned about it, he rightfully called Scott dishonest, which led to drama. The two men were together at the gym when well-known bad boy Scott poked Pedro and initiated the fight. He asked, “Are you here to kick my ass,” and pushed Pedro, which escalated into a physical altercation. Scott has no business being so rude to Pedro, knowing that he’s the bad guy in the situation.

6Scott Flirted With Other Women While Dating Lidia

Scott Was Caught Flirting With Other Women In The D.R.

The Family Chantel Star Lidia Morel Smiling At Camera

Scott wasn’t a great partner to Lidia even when the two were on Love In Paradise. If Scott had liked Lidia, he would’ve closed his heart to other women and focused on her. However, his goal was clearly to use her, and he tried to do that to the best of his abilities. Scott gave his phone number to multiple women during his stay at the hotel. Thankfully, Lidia’s daughter, Nicole Jimeno, knew his true intentions and was mindful to send a friend to spy on him. If it weren’t for her, Scott would still be scamming Lidia for more screen time.

5Scott Got Intimate With Lidia Only To Get Back At Pedro

Scott Admitted He Slept With Lidia To Take Revenge On Pedro

Scott also used Lidia for physical satisfaction and to get back at Pedro. There aren’t many things more embarrassing than a man sleeping with another man’s mother for revenge. Scott did exactly that by using Lidia to shame Pedro. Scott called his entanglement with Lidia “revenge sex.” He knew what he was doing and still did it for his benefit. While Pedro, Lidia, and Nicole aren’t the most likable people, they didn’t deserve this on TV. Scott was truly sinister for what he did to the Jimeno family and deserved to be fired from the franchise.

4Scott Was Never In Love With Lidia

Scott Didn’t Seem To Have A True Connection With Lidia

Montage Of Scott Wern From The Family Chantel

Scott and Lidia’s connection would still make sense if there was mutual love between them. However, Scott was clearly not interested in her, and his expressions during the episodes show that. Lidia liked Scott, which is why she let him back into her life, while Scott simply dated her for ulterior motives and greed. He was certainly a cruel person for manipulating a single mother to his advantage. While Pedro was also wrong for leaving Chantel, the two shared a true connection once. Scott didn’t ever have the same feelings for Lidia.

3Scott Keeps Looking For Ways To Be In The News

Scott Tries To Date Tiffany Franco

90 Day Fiancé’s Tiffany Franco looking serious and Scott Wern smiling

It isn’t surprising that Scott found a way to return to the TV. After all, the former Love In Paradise star has tried his best to stay in the limelight. Apart from his controversial behavior on the spin-off, he has been posting some wild content online. Scott likes to force himself into other co-star’s feeds and had tried flirting with 90 Day Fiancé alums Tiffany Franco and Debbie Aguero. He has also attempted to woo Karine Staehle, knowing that xhe’s currently struggling to regain custody of her kids.

2Scott Doesn’t Self-Reflect & Acts Like A Victim

Scott Shows Traits Of A Narcissist

90 Day Fiance's Scott Wern smiling and Tiffany Franco

Scott has many unlikable traits, but the biggest one is his lack of self-awareness. He is a villain for his former partners. Despite that, he likes to portray himself as the victim and wants people to feel sorry for him. Instead of owning up to his mistakes, Scott likes to blame others, like a true narcissist. When the backlash got Scott fired from his job, he cried and played the victim. Similarly, he took a shot at his exes via an Instagram post and sarcastically called himself a liar.

1Scott Filmed A Disturbing Bathing Scene With His Dog

Scott Took Advantage Of His Dog For Entertainment

Montage Of The Family Chantel Scott Wern In Sunglasses

Scott wants to stand out on the reality TV show, and his past actions show he can do anything for it. In The Family Chantel season 5, he picked a fight with Pedro, which obviously became a viral moment. Previously, he filmed a controversial shower scene with his female dog, which didn’t add anything to his story. During the episode, Scott said some odd things to his pet. He moaned, “you’re dirty, dirty, you know that?” and “yeah, just like that,” to make it seem like he was doing something dirty behind the curtains. Many The Family Chantel viewers were disturbed and disgusted by the scene.

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