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The Family Chantel: Chantel’s Baby Plans Are ON! Despite Divorce From Pedro

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The Family Chantel Season 5 has featured Chantel going through a heartbreak because of Pedro. The latter has been making all possible attempts to twist the knife and make this worse for his ex-wife. Initially, Chantel was badly affected because of all this. But now it seems that she isn’t paying much heed to him.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they saw Chantel’s plan to have a child and keep her family going. What is she up to? With whom is she planning to have a kid?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Shares Baby Plans Even After Her Divorce

Chantel has been trying her best to move on in her life, as evident in The Family Chantel Season 5. She had a painful divorce as she really loved Pedro, and it was really hard for her to move on in her life. Hence, the celeb was in a pathetic condition and took her own time to move on.

But now it seems that Chantel has finally decided to plan her future and life after divorce. Apparently, her plan involves having a kid as well. She recently opened up about the same to her brother during a recent episode of Season 5. Chantel explained that she had decided to freeze her eggs in order to secure a family.

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Chantel explained how an average American man needs at least four years of dating before walking down the aisle and having a kid. As she is 32 years old right now, she has started to plan the entire process wisely. The celeb feels that she will turn 39 by the end of this entire dating, getting married, and having a child plan.

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Till then, Chantel’s biological clock would start ticking, and it would be a risk for her. Hence, she wants to be on the safer side when it comes to having a family with her future husband. So, freezing eggs is the best option for the star, and she is looking forward to getting it done as well.

The Family Chantel: Is Chantel Back In The Dating Game?

Chantel has leveled up her game after parting ways with Pedro. She has joined her dream job as a cosmetic injector and is exploring new ways these days. Amid all this, now it seems that the celeb has finally made her come back into the dating realm.

Lately, Chantel has been sparking dating rumors with a famous Atlanta Rapper named Waka Flocka. These two were initially spotted in snaps while they were wagging their tongues at an event in October. Even The Sarah Fraser Show confronted Chantel regarding the same, but she played smart and gave a disguised reply.

Chantel couldn’t stop praising Waka and stated, “I will tell you Waka’s really nice, he’s really, really nice.” She explained how “funny” and “genuine” he is. The celeb then confirmed that she had even met her new friend’s family.Chantel made a special mention of Waka’s mother and complimented her for being really “sweet.” She further admitted that his entire family is really good, and she loved meeting them. This was evidently an eyebrow-raiser for the viewers as Chantel has even met the family of her rumored boyfriend. However, fans are happy to know that she is finally moving on in her life Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on The Family Chantel.

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