These 90 Day Fiance Stars Are Definitely Going Through Midlife Crises

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance franchise has introduced uncountable storylines to the world. With each new season, there are brand new stars with completely unique dynamics as well. Some of them were chaotic and dramatic. But there were many who had a great start and won many hearts as well. However, not everything that starts well ends on a good note.

Lately, there have been numerous famous celebs who haven’t been doing great in their lives. Fans were in shock to note how they were dealing with their midlife crisis phase and were struggling with a lot these days. Who are these celebs? Do we know them? What are they dealing with?

90 Day Fiance Stars Who Are Dealing With Midlife Crises

Fans have noted some shocking details about numerous stars and are now wondering if they are dealing with midlife crises in their lives these days. The first one on the list is Jibri Bell. He initially came into the limelight with his beau, Miona Bell, on 90 Day Fiance.

They had a chaotic storyline but were determined to make their relationship work. The couple even ended up moving to Palm Springs while Jibri was busy promoting his wife’s growing ponytail business.

Jibri and Miona’s success was evident as they seemingly started to live lavish lives. But now it seems that the former is undergoing a lot these days. As per ScreenRant, he has moved to Thailand alone and is perhaps on a spiritual journey.

Fans were shocked to notice that Jibri wasn’t with Miona anymore and had also deleted all her pictures from his social media. Hence, fans have started to feel that perhaps he is in his mid-life crisis phase!

Then comes Molly Hopkins. She was a part of The Last Resort, where she was trying her best to mend fences with Kelly. However, the celeb made it clear that she was out of love for him and wouldn’t be able to continue her relationship.

Hence, the couple, Molly and Kelly, finally ended up parting ways. This came after Molly’s daughter Olivia had severe issues with Kelly, leading to all this drama!

It is evident that Molly is doing great with her lingerie business, and her professional life is going great. But her personal and love life is completely disrupted these days. Hence, that is why viewers have started to wonder if Hopkins is in her mid-life crisis phase these days.

90 Day Fiance: Viewers Feel That Angela Deem & Paul Staehle Are Also Facing Crises

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has ended up creating a negative and violent persona in the past few years. Her physical altercations and uncountable clashes have received backlash several times. Hence, whatever she does, she gets called out by her audience.

Amid all this, Deem made it to the headlines during her Last Resort journey. She decided to mend fences with her long-distance husband, Michael, who is in Nigeria these days.

90 Day Fiance have started to feel that Angela is in a mid-life crisis era because she has already ruined her image, and her love life is also unstable. She has been trying hard for around five years to bring Michael to America.


But Anglea’s hard work isn’t paying off. Moreover, she has clarified that she would never live in Nigeria. So it is evident that her life is on standby these days while her cigarettes have started to affect her health now!

Then comes Paul, who came into viewers’ notice with his storyline with Karine Martins. He shares two sons, Ethan and Pierre, but clearly isn’t in his happily-ever-after phase. The celeb’s kids’ custody went to Child Protection Services after a video of his physical altercation with his wife surfaced online.

Paul has been trying his best to get back his sons but has created controversies with his missing reports in Brazil. Several sources even claimed he was dead while his mother did everything under the sun to get him back. Hence, it is evident that Paul’s life is also full of a lot of chaos and drama these days! Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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