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Timeless DAYS: Connecting the Dots of Everett Lynch’s Womanizing

Which of his romantic DAYS came first before he arrived in Salem?

Days of our Lives viewers have a variety of details about what Everett Lynch’s life was like prior to arriving in Salem. We know he was married to Jada and we know he was dating Stephanie. Our big question is: What order did those events come in? We try to finesse one story out of multiple narratives.

Everett Lynch: The Best Possible Option

We’re pretty sure Everett (Blake Berris) would like us all to believe his life story goes like this: Everett married Jada (Elia Cantu). He does nothing wrong, is the perfect husband. But, Jada is too obsessed with her work. (She already told Rafe [Galen Gering] that her schedule messed up his proposal plans.) Their marriage falls apart through no fault of Everett’s and he moves on.

Everett then meets Stephanie (Abigail Klein). He falls in love with Stephanie and plans to propose (was it with the same ring he gave Jada?). He goes to the post office, gets hit by a car, and languishes in a coma. Eventually, he wakes up and tracks Stephanie down to Salem. With no idea that ex-wife Jada is living there, too. See? He is totally innocent of any underhanded dealings. Give him a round of applause, everybody!

Wait, Reverse That

Of course, at the moment, we only have Everett’s word that he actually was in a coma, and he didn’t just ghost Stephanie as she assumed. What if he lied about that? What if he lied about a whole lot of things? And, what if Everett did ghost Stephanie? And then took up with Jada.

Sure, the timeline is super tight but Jada never told us how long she was married. Maybe it was only a few weeks? Maybe the marriage ended when Jada found out he was still keeping tabs on some girl named Stephanie.

Put It Together and What Have You Got?

What if it is even worse? What if Everett was married to Jada and romancing Stephanie at the same time? Could it be that he got so in over his head that he had to divorce one woman and ghost the other? The coma story is just a cover. And, it’s all about to blow up. What do you think is the real timeline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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