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90 Day Fiancé: 8 Signs Gino Palazzolo’s Turning Into A Monster

Is Gino Palazzolo a monster in disguise? The 90 Day Fiancé 10 star has made Jasmine Pineda look like the villain in their relationship many times.

Gino Palazzolo from 90 Day Fiancé has all the makings of a monster. Gino is a 54-year-old from Canton, Michigan, starring in the series with his partner Jasmine Pineda. Jasmine, 36, is from Panama, where she worked as a school teacher. Jasmine and Gino were together for three years when she moved to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. Season 10 focuses on Jasmine’s life in the U.S., with three months to get married. Jasmine has always been the one who has received backlash in the relationship for being too hard on Gino. He tries his best to look innocent when he’s accused of doing something wrong.

However, the wrongs that Gino has done to Jasmine are severe. He’s hurt her in many ways, and Jasmine has reacted by getting angry and screaming. While it doesn’t help Jasmine find a solution, it doesn’t affect Gino either, as he’s used to her aggressive behavior. In fact, it helps Gino get away with his mistakes because he knows that the worst Jasmine will do is get angry and eventually forgive him in the end.

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8Gino Shared Jasmine’s Nude Photos With Ex-Girlfriend

Jasmine Found The Photos

Jasmine lost trust in Gino not long after they met in person. The engineer whisked Jasmine away for a $2,500 vacation to San José Island, off the coast of Panama, as a Christmas 2020 gift. Jasmine was contacted by one of Gino’s exes through Instagram DMs. She told her about Gino sending her nude pictures of Jasmine. She then went through Gino’s phone and discovered a screenshot of her private photos from a conversation he was having with his ex. Jasmine had sent her picture to Gino. “What? No, I’m sorry, I did not do that. That’s for darn sure I didn’t do that,” Gino said as he tried to deny his wrongdoings.

Jasmine obviously was holding the proof right in her hands (as shared by Entertainment Tonight.) She asked Gino how he forwarded her pictures to his ex when Jasmine had never sent them to anyone but Gino. He eventually agreed and said what he did was “rubbing it in” his ex’s face. He insisted he only did it once. Jasmine said she trusted Gino when she sent him the pictures. “Gino. I will never be able to trust on you, ever,” she told him. During the Tell-All, Gino claimed he had only sent one picture because he wanted to get back at his ex.

7Gino’s Family Is More Important To Him Than Jasmine

Jasmine Wants To Be Number #1 In Gino’s Life

90 Day Fiance's Jasmine and Gino looking upset, with fire surrounding them

Gino and Jasmine had multiple breakups on 90 Day Fiancé, but one of the most memorable ones was the fight they had when he chose his family over Jasmine. She was frustrated that her K-1 visa was taking too long and wanted Gino to continue paying $3000 a month for her luxury apartment. Gino suggested she move into a cheaper one, but Jasmine claimed Gino’s suggestion meant he was not making her a priority. She asked Gino to leave the house immediately. As they continued arguing, Jasmine said she was scared about going to the U.S. She wanted Gino to acknowledge the sacrifices she was making to live in the U.S.

They continued to argue in a confessional scene during the segment. Jasmine said Gino prioritizes his family and money above her. Gino said it was a “tie” between his family and Jasmine. While Jasmine said she didn’t want to be in a “tie” with anyone, she asked him why she was with a man who didn’t consider her to be the most important person in his life. “After marriage, you would be,” Gino tried to tell her. Jasmine begged to be respected by Gino, and Gino walked away from the scene.

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6Gino Has Made His Family Believe Jasmine Is A Gold Digger

Gino Said Jasmine Was Taking All His Money

Before Gino met Jasmine in person, he had started complaining about how much money he spent on her. He told his Uncle Marco and Aunt Sandra about how he gave Jasmine money so she could fix her hair, teeth, and lips. This made his uncle and aunt concerned about Gino and Jasmine’s relationship. They worried that Jasmine was a scammer and was going to steal all his money. When Jasmine was supposed to meet his family in the U.S. to play bocce ball, Gino told his cousins that she used her wedding dress allowance for butt implants. This tarnished her reputation and made Jasmine look like a golddigger.

5Gino Went On Paid Dates With Multiple Women

Gino Met Jasmine On A Similar Platform

Gino was looking for a long-term relationship before he met Jasmine, but typical dating sites were not working for him. He wanted to try something different. Gino told the producers that he paid women “a couple of times” so they could go out on “dinner” dates with him (as per Entertainment Tonight.) Gino claimed he realized it wasn’t a good way for him to find true love after those dates. Gino had also met Jasmine on a similar platform. She shamed him for taking “advantage” of women who needed money.

4Gino Failed To Explain Lip Gloss In His Car To Jasmine

Gino Didn’t Know Who The Lip Gloss Belonged To

Jasmine and Gino were driving home from visiting his family at Palazzo di Bocce in Lake Orion when she dropped her phone under her seat and tried to retrieve it. As she hunted for the device, Jasmine found a tube of lip gloss that did not belong to her. Jasmine started screaming at Gino in her usual fashion. This time, instead of having his usual careless expression on his face, Gino turned aggressive and started yelling back at Jasmine. He told Jasmine it could have belonged to a co-worker. This landed him in more trouble than he already was in, as Jasmine found out Gino hung out with female colleagues after work.

Jasmine shared that she learned how to read Gino through his body language, and he could not hide it. “I know his expressions,” she told the producers. Jasmine noticed Gino “changed color,” and the way he was responding made it look like he was guilty. Gino tried to gaslight Jasmine by accusing her of screaming like there was a “murder or something.” He couldn’t tell Jasmine who the owner of the lip gloss was. Gino instead, took to Instagram where he claimed his truck was from 2015. When fans asked Gino if he’d ever washed his truck in the last six years. he claimed he “normally” didn’t clean under the passenger seat.

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3Gino Sees Jasmine As A Replacement For His Ex-Wife

Jasmine’s Dog Looked Like Gino’s Ex-Wife’s Dog

90 Day Fiance's Gino and Jasmine looking serious

Jasmine found odd things in Gino’s house while cleaning that made her realize the lip gloss was just the “beginning.” This included a birthday note for his fortieth birthday from his ex-wife Denise, written on a napkin. Jasmine didn’t know why Gino had saved it. A different envelope read, “To the man of my dreams.” She found an illustrated book about Kama Sutra sex positions, a box of unused lubricants, and a notebook in which Gino had written only one word, which was “peras” the Spanish word for “bi**hes.” Jasmine felt concerned about bringing her young kids to Gino’s house after what she found.

It reaffirmed that Jasmine couldn’t trust Gino. She also went through Gino’s ex-wife’s social media, where she came across a photo of Denise’s dog. Jasmine’s dog Coco looked like Denise, so she figured Gino was trying to replace his ex-wife with her. When Jasmine asked Gino why he was keeping the items in his bedroom drawers, he claimed he had forgotten to throw them out. “I had a life before I met you,” he told Jasmine and shamed her for looking through every corner of his house. Gino looked heartbroken when Jasmine tore the napkin in front of his eyes.

2Gino Enjoys Gaslighting Jasmine

Jasmine Says It’s A Common Thing For Gino

 Jasmine and Gino from 90 Day Fiance

Jasmine has been open about how Gino manipulates and gaslights her in their relationship. In June 2022, Jasmine revealed that Gino told her, “Yes, babe, I love visiting you in Brazil and I love being in Brazil,” during a phone call. According to Jasmine, Gino spoke about Brazil three times during the conversation. Knowing that Gino’s ex-wife, Denise, is Brazilian, Jasmine asked him, “Who do you think you’re talking to babe? This is Jasmine your fiancé from Panama.” Jasmine revealed that Gino then proceeded to gaslight her by claiming he never mentioned Brazil while talking to her. Jasmine admitted it was common for Gino to do this.

1Gino Betrayed Jasmine By Visiting Strip Club

Gino Never Planned On Telling Jasmine About His Bachelor Party

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Gino Palazzolo

Jasmine found out that Gino went to a strip club for his bachelor party via his sister-in-law Michelle. She thought she’d plan a party for him after arriving in the U.S. Instead, Gino lied to her when she confronted him. He replied, “I didn’t go out the day before you arrived.” Gino later claimed he didn’t tell Jasmine because he knew she would get upset. He told her he didn’t receive any dances and didn’t touch any of the women while there. However, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days cameras had caught Gino getting crazy in the strip club and did touch the dancers.

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