90 Day Fiance: Are TJ & Kimberly Are No Longer Together?

90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance featured a super chaotic storyline of Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Goswami. They clearly weren’t two peas in a pod as the former couldn’t adjust to the vast cultural difference they had. Yet, the couple decided to walk down the aisle. But it seems that now they are facing the consequences of the same.

Lately, viewers have been connecting all the dots that are hinting at TJ and Kimberly’s divorce. What are these clues? Why do fans think that this couple is no longer together?

90 Day Fiance: Did Kimberly Part Ways With TJ?

Kimberly clearly wasn’t able to adjust to the Indian dynamics. She had several fights with TJ because of the same as she wasn’t ready to become the so-called ‘dutiful daughter-in-law’ that her in-laws were expecting her to be. Moreover, the language barrier further worsened the situation, as seen on 90 Day Fiance.

Amid all this, viewers noticed some clues that were clearly hinting at Kimberly and TJ’s split. Apparently, the former has finally returned to America. She returned to her homeland somewhere in September 2023. The celeb also revealed on her social media account that she wasn’t happy in India at all and decided to return. Kimberly stated, “As of this point in time right now currently, I’m not in India.”

As per Kimberly, she was done “adjusting,” and her life was going really well in America. So, if she was no longer in the mood to adjust, there is a fair chance that she would have even parted ways with TJ. Moreover, The 90 Day Fiance star shared a video of herself crying on November 22, 2023, which she called a “healing process.”

Fans felt that perhaps Kimberly was actually healing from her divorce. After this, a viewer mentioned the way she was hurt while she was screaming at TJ during the Tell All episode and seemed to be really confused. The celeb was quick to reply that she wasn’t confused with anything anymore and stated, “That was a year ago.” This statement was again an eyebrow-raiser for the audience.

90-Day Fiance: Is Kimberly Already Seeing Someone Else?

As 90 Day Fiance star Kimberly stated that the Tell All was shot a year ago, it seems that she has already moved on in her life. Recently, she took to her social media handle and posted a picture in which she was sitting in an Airplane. The celeb wrote in her caption, “I am commmiiinnnngggg toooo youuuuuu.”

Kimberly chose to conceal the identity of the person being referred and didn’t reveal who she was actually talking about. She further added hashtags of #finalflight and #almostthere, which again created controversies. Several viewers even took to the comment section and wondered if Rochelle has someone new

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