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90 Day Fiance: Brandon Reveals The “Secret” Behind Why He & Julia Aren’t Having Kids

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90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance stars Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkin are a long-term couple, and viewers were in love with the chemistry they had! Though they had many ups and downs, they never gave up on their relationship and ended up walking down the aisle. Hence, it has been around three years now, and this pair is living their happily-ever-after phase, yet they haven’t thought about having a child.

This created several controversies until Brandon decided to clear the air finally. He took to his social media and revealed the “secret” behind why he and Julia aren’t having kids. What did he disclose?

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Explains Why He Isn’t Having A Child With Julia — Real REASON Revealed!

Brandon and Julia from 90 Day Fiance are one of the most promising and successful couples in the show. They crossed all the odds just to stay together and never gave up on each other, even after facing a lot of issues. However, it’s been a while since this couple was married, and viewers have been wondering when they would extend their family.

Fans feel that Brandon and Julia have been together for enough time to have a child. Hence, they asked the same to them several times until the former decided to shut the controversy once and for all.

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Recently, Brandon took to Instagram and posted a picture with a dog. He revealed in the caption that he often watches people having “2 or more children.” The celeb further explained that he is even afraid to have even one! As per Brandon, he is skeptical that he would be able to “afford” having a kid or not. He concluded by adding, “tell me a secret.”

However, viewers still encouraged Brandon to grow his family. Several 90 Day Fiance fans wondered that if he could afford to have a pet, he surely could afford a child as well. Another one added, “just go for it, you’ll be fine.” Some further wrote, “You just do it, and it will work out..”

90 Day Fiance: Julia Claims That Having A Child Wasn’t Her Goal! But Why?

There have been uncountable instances when fans have asked 90 Day Fiance star Julia about her baby plans. Though she didn’t pay much heed to the questions, she also decided to clear the air. Recently, the celeb took to her social media handle and revealed that she hasn’t even tried to have a child.

Julia explained that whether a person is married for 3 years or 10, they shouldn’t be obliged to have a kid. She made it clear that, for now, having a baby isn’t her goal. Apparently, there are many other important things she is dealing with in her life.

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Julia made it clear that she may or may not have a child throughout her life. So, for now, she is focusing on her health and other issues in her life. Moreover, the celeb stated that everything is “gradual” and it will happen if it is meant to be. So it seems that Brandon and Julia haven’t even tried to have a child for now.

Even fans were happy to know that at least they were like-minded when it came to the topic and were happy with their decision. Yet fans are eagerly waiting for the couple to welcome their first kid! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest reality TV tea.

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