The Young And The Restless: Tucker And Mamie’s Hidden Agenda Exposed, Phyllis Takes Advantage

Since the time Mamie has stepped in Genoa City she has become a talked. The Young And The Restless fans know that there is something that she is hiding and there are eagerly waiting to see when Mamie will drop the bombshell. Well, it seems that before Mamie someone else will find out about her secret and expose it. Will that person, blackmail Mamie in exchange of something. Or will someone else get caught in it? Let’s delve into the possibilities and find out!

The Young And The Restless: Phyllis Plays her Cards Right Against Tucker!

In Genoa City, there are several mysteries stirring on The Young and the Restless. One puzzling mystery revolves around Tucker’s revenge plot against the Abbott family. While he openly expressed his desire to take Jabot from them, he also hinted that his plans go beyond just the company. Framing Billy for betraying was merely a diversion tactic, part of a larger scheme he has yet to disclose. It’s unclear what Tucker’s next career move will be after his plans with Ashley for ‘Simply Ashley’ hit a roadblock. Another interesting mystery involves Mamie’s recent stake investment in Chancellor-Winters.

While she said it was a smart business move and a chance to reconnect with family, there seems more than just meet eyes. Now, considering all of this, Devon has a feeling that Tucker and Mamie might be secretly collaborating. Despite Tucker’s denial, Devon suspects that Tucker and Mamie are working together secretly. Rumors suggest that Mamie and Tucker have a hidden secret that Phyllis is bound to discover. In the upcoming weeks, reports suggest Phyllis will confront Tucker about the secret, aiming to stop him from exerting control over her.

The Young And The Restless
Y&R/ Tucker and Mamie are together

Since Phyllis has chose to help him frame Billy, he believe he can use the secret against her on The Young and the Restless. That makes what making Phyllis frustrated. It looks like whatever Phyllis will find out, will be concerning for Tucker. But he probably won’t show it or let her know. The question remains, what is the secret connection between Mamie and Tucker, and what are they planning? Our guess is that Tucker was aware of Victor being the original silent investor in Chancellor-Winters. Tucker likely convinced Mamie to approach Victor and buy the investment from him, which Victor agreed to sell.

Rumors suggest that Tucker probably convinced Mamie by talking about business benefits and family revenge. From a family perspective, Tucker might have said it’s his right as Katherine’s biological son to work his way into Chancellor-Winters. On the other hand, he also has family working there, just like Mamie. Tucker might have pointed out to Mamie the intense animosity between her and Jill, suggesting that buying into Chancellor-Winters would bother her rival, which it did.

The Young And The Restless
Y&R/ Phyllis discover Tucker’s secret

It’s possible he even promised to help Mamie take the company from Jill. This makes sense, given that Jill had made Mamie leave town years ago. Whatever the case is, rumors suggest that Phyllis while going to meet Tucker at his suite, might overhear Tucker and Mamie’s conversation about their plan. It this rings out to be true, this will give a perfect opportunity for Phyllis to blackmail Tucker, get the money and ran off the “framing Billy” scheme. So stick around until this speculation turns to be a reality. Meanwhile, keep your dial locked on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest scoops on The Young and the Restless!

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